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Beginnings - Dark Love 1

Chapter 11


Mark crawled as quickly as he could behind Azrael, hoping beyond hope that no one would see him. This was just too much. He had never been so humiliated as he had been tonight. What more would he be forced to bear before he paid the bill? And David--it didn't matter that Azrael had promised that he wouldn't let anyone hurt him. He knew David. It would be only a matter of time before David got him. David would eventually get over his aversion to touching him, and then.

Azrael shook his head. The boy had no faith in him. Well, no matter, that would change. He paused at a door and knocked on it lightly, before entering. "I hope the accommodations are to your liking," he smiled at David, who lay on the bed, curled up close to his pet.

"Yes, thank you, Master. I've convinced my pet here that things are looking up." He looked at Mark. "I'm surprised he's still alive."

Azrael was genuinely surprised. "Why would he not be? Really, Childe, he is not as bad as you made out. A firm hand was all he needed. He is becoming quite a darling." He smiled down at Mark. "Come here, pet."

David wasn't just amazed at what he saw. He was floored as, Mark allowed himself to be pulled into Azrael's arms. There was no control used. "How?"

"You just never gave him a chance. He is quite sweet once you get past the hate."

"Mark." David didn't know what to think. He had felt certain that if anyone could push an immortal into a fit of rage, it was this one. But then, by the look of him, battered and bruised, Azrael had had a time of it winning.

"Master?" He looked at David from the safety of Azrael's arms.

"So you finally gave in." He laughed. "Azrael, I am impressed."

"Thank you." Azrael smiled. "Vincent, I want him to hear this, so that he believes me. He is afraid of you. Your animosity for him is fact. He is worried that you will take your revenge."

He nodded. "The thought has crossed my mind. Am I to assume that it is a no go?"

"Very much so. I have promised him that no one but I will ever harm him. So I want him to hear me as I tell you. If you wish to amuse yourself with him, he will of course obey. But- 'do not hurt him' ."

David nodded. "As Joey would say, 'got ya' . I won't hurt a hair on his head. My word."

"See, pet." Azrael smiled up at Mark. "Now, you go over and ask his forgiveness. That way it will be over and it will not haunt you."

Mark looked at Azrael, before going to kneel by the bed. "David, man, I'm sorry."

David looked down at him, trying hard to believe that anyone had been able to bring about such a change. "I don't believe it." He just couldn't believe that Mark, of all people, was kneeling here apologizing. Anyone else, yes, but Mark?

"Please." Mark knew what would happen if he failed to convince this one of his sincerity. "Come on, David. Don't do this, man. I was wrong, I'm sorry. Please, you'll get me beaten again."

"You're serious. Azrael really bested you, didn't he?"

"Yes sir."

David sat up on the bed, swung around to perch on the edge, looking down at Mark before reaching to pull his head forward. "Kiss it, pet." He thrust gently against his lips. "Go on, take it into your mouth. Don't be shy. I won't ask you to blow me, tonight, but I want to see you do it."

Mark wanted to die right then and there. He wanted to say, no, to pull away and lash out. But he knew that doing that would only get him killed. So he sighed, and obeyed. His kiss was stiff, and when he took David's cock into him, he broke down into tears. He knelt, tears streaming down his face, with David's hardening erection in his mouth.

"Go on Mark, suck on it." It was more than David could have imagined. No wonder the Elder hadn't, killed Mark when he was offered. Aaron had never really put up a fight, aside from the first night, when he had reacted out of ignorance and fear. But Mark had been a fireball. "You do know, Mark, that with a little time, you could become very good at that," he praised him.

"Vincent." Azrael could have kissed the young vampire. Mark was completely vanquished now. "Much as I enjoy watching my boy pleasing you, I must go. Tomorrow evening, you can play with him all you want. I'd most enjoy watching you, of all of us, commanding him. He owes you much for his misbehavior."

"Gladly, Master." He touched Mark's cheek. "Pull away, Mark. Come kiss me goodnight."

'You'd think that if I could blow him, kissing would be easy' . Again there was a war in his soul as he let the hard maleness slip from his mouth. He stood, allowed David to pull him close. It was being asked to reach out this way that was harder. Blowing David meant that he was ordered to perform, but as his arms locked around the vampire's shoulders, and their tongues met in a mutual sensual dance, he knew that to kiss was an agreement of two persons, a sharing. He didn't want to share this. The shame rose as he nuzzled David's neck, biting lightly at the base of his throat.

"Azrael, he is wonderful, I applaud you." David released him.

"Thank you. I will see you at dusk." He motioned for Mark to drop and follow him.

The cold of the floor helped to cool Mark's body. He burned with self-disgust. Shame was too light a word for his feelings. He had enjoyed the feel of a cock in his mouth. Savored that taste that still teased his senses. The kiss had made him ache with a want that overwhelmed him, riding roughshod over the shame and humiliation that he had felt.

Azrael chuckled to himself as the younger man's thought played out. This was going to prove to be very interesting. He had not seen a pet this disturbed by simple pleasures in a long time. The boy would provide hours of entertainment, at least for a while. He would break Mark slowly, allow him to hope, just to watch how he struggled to hold up under the strain when it was yanked away. He might even begin to love this one as he watched him suffer.

* * *

Morgan sat up in bed as the door opened. "Azrael?"

"Yes, sweet. Were you expecting any other?" He waited for Mark to crawl in before closing the door. "I told you I would come before light. Did you doubt me?"

She looked at Mark. He was a mess, both sides of his face red, with bruises forming. Azrael had beaten him. "No. It's just so late, I wondered." Why was he here? She wanted to ask, but wasn't sure she wanted the answer.

"The sun can not touch me here, and I am old enough that I can remain awake after sunrise, if I so choose." He moved to sit on the bed beside her. "Mark will be staying with you when I go to sleep. There is no reason why you two should sleep alone." He pulled her close. "This is so very new to you, and you are so young. For a while, the daylight hours will be hard for you."

"But he's--" Mark wasn't like the others.

"Pet," he chided, "surely, you do not think I would allow anyone near you who would harm you? Mark might be a bit rough around the edges, and it might be a while before he is as sweet as you are. But believe me, he knows what will happen to him if he hurts you. Trust me, Morgan. You are safe. The two of you will be able to enjoy the hours in solitude."

She crawled into his lap. The thought of spending time with Mark didn't thrill her, but if there was nothing she could do about it, there was nothing she could do about it. "Make love to me." She needed to feel wanted right now. Everything had changed so much. Her head swam with it.

"I will, of course, but I promised my boy here my time, first. Would you join us, let him taste the sweetness of your sex while I enjoy him? Since he is my pet as well, he has every right to share you."

"I have to sleep with him"

"Yes, sweet, you do. You have to share yourself with anyone in this house, save your brother." He searched her face. "Am I going to have problems with you because of this?" He put just enough warning into his voice, to let her know that arguments were not allowed.

"No." She trembled now. He could kill. And while she believed that he would never kill her, she wasn't foolish enough to believe that he wouldn't punish her if she went against him. "I promise."

"Good." He hugged her tightly. "I am pleased to see your willingness to obey. Such sweetness is always rewarded." He kissed her softly, feeling her body press against his. "Lay back sweet, let us show our rebellious one how wonderful this life can be."

Morgan lay back, watching Azrael. "Watch, pet. See how well he obeys."

Mark looked up at this. "Master?" What would he have to do now?

"Undress me, pet. You were anxious to put your hands on my body. Let us see that willingness again." He held out a hand and pulled the boy against him. "I want you." He said, in a soft whisper that held promise and threat.

Mark closed his eyes, accepting the situation. There would be no turning back, despite his disgust at the whole situation. 'Okay, he wants me. Fine we'll see how much he likes it when I don't fight' . He ran his hands under Azrael's shirt, as so many of his girlfriends had done to him. Hope flared. Maybe this wouldn't be so hard. 'After all, I've taught more than one girl what to do' .

Azrael was a little surprised at the demand in Mark's kisses. He'd been sure that he would have to walk his new one through this step by step, but Mark had leaped in with both feet. Hands hot on his skin as his mouth drew much-needed passion. "Down," he whispered against Mark's cheek, "let me feel your mouth on me, pet. I am pleased with you."

Mark struggled with the buttons of Azrael's pants in his haste, tasting the hardness as it leapt free from confinement. He was torn between the intense erotic stimulation of the sent and taste, and the horror of his actions. No, he pushed the negative emotions away. 'I'll worry about what all this means later' . For now, all he wanted to do was get this done, to end the ache in his gut.

He pulled away for a moment and wet the middle finger of his right hand. Azrael was obviously gay, so Mark counted on him enjoying this. He blindly with his finger wet, began to rub his master's crinkled bud. Then with a hope that he wouldn't be frowned at, he slipped the finger into Azrael's anus. Azrael's moan of pleasure was heady. 'Yes, enjoy. Be happy' . He thought, as he thrust shyly.

*I am, pet. You are proving to be well worth the trouble. * Azrael's thoughts were soothing as he reached to pull him away. "Do not be so shy, Mark. You could never hurt me." Azrael held him for a moment, letting his actions relay how pleased he was. Perhaps the boy wouldn't have to suffer. With the right amount of pressure, this one could be as sweet as any, of his, darlings. "On the bed precious, lay down, let me show you the same."

Morgan moved over as Mark hurried to obey. He had done it. It would finally end. He wanted this. Oh, God, how he wanted this.

Azrael stepped from his pants and lay over the boy, pressing him down into the bedding. "I am going to drive you to such heights. You are going to thank me for this, boy. Trust me." Then to Morgan, who sat watching. "Straddle his face, love. There is no reason you should be left out. Enjoy this with us."

After a moments thought, she straddled Mark, facing away from Azrael. Mark grabbed her hips. "I won't hurt you." His eyes met hers. "I won't." He pulled her down to his mouth, fingers parting her nether lips to allow his own lips, and, tongue access.

Morgan cried out softly at the touch. Sex was still new to her, but she was learning what felt good. His mouth and fingers, sucking and thrusting, felt wonderful.

Azrael nodded to himself. Good, there was not going to be a problem. Mark understood what was expected, and Morgan, sweet darling child that she was, was as willing and wanton as she had been earlier. Oh, the nights he could look forward to as they became used to their new life.

Mark tensed as he felt Azrael's fangs gently rake up his cock. He froze, waiting for the pain. But nothing happened, except the powerful feel of drawing, and a gentle hand on his balls. He was ready, now, if it would only end. His cries opened his mouth farther, allowing Morgan to feel more of his mouth as his teeth and lips locked around her clitoris, fingers thrusting in time with the maddeningly intense movements on his need. 'Don't stop' , he prayed. 'Please, God, don't let him stop' .

She shouldn't have been worried. stopping was the last thing Azrael had in mind. The boy was responding so well, so freely. Morgan's cries served to mingle with the pleasure of his deeds to bring him great satisfaction. Once Mark was given all he had, the boy would be willing to do anything to feel it again.

"That's it, baby," Mark's voice sounded out over Morgan's moans. "Open up, cum." He thrust his fingers faster, teeth latching on to her clitoris, holding her in place as his tongue began rapidly flicking over the very core of her pleasure.

Morgan screamed, as her hips thrust down and she rode the waves of heat that rose from her groin to swell through her whole body. The intensity of her pleasure was so great, so all encompassing, that for one brief second she would do anything to show her gratitude.

Mark's choked cry followed hers, as the heat finally released, and the mouth that pulled on him with painful force took him to the end.

"Do not move." Azrael straddled Mark, his body pressing against Morgan's. "I am going to take you now, my sweet one. Your cries have inflamed me." He bent her forwards, holding her up so that Mark's mouth could continue to work its magic, even as he filled her. "Mark, pull your hand away, pet, let me give her this."

Mark felt the additional weight as Azrael's hard maleness took the place of his fingers, but it wasn't crushing. He was lost beyond all rhyme or reason. Joining Azrael in making love to this woman was the most wonderful thing he had ever felt.

Morgan was drawn tight, lost in the cresting waves of heat that battered her body as the thrusting cock forced her against the mouth merciless in its demands, and as Mark's hands rose capturing her breasts in his rough caress, she became a mad thing. Lost in a continual wave of joy, she shrieked once as her pleasure reached a point that snapped something deep within, driving her to unconsciousness with the glory.

Mark felt her slip just before Azrael snatched her up, holding her to him as he too gave in.

"Poor thing." He brushed the hair-wisps from her face as he held her limp body. "We were too much for her, it would seem."

"What happened?" Mark pulled himself clear. His confusion became fear as he looked at her. "I didn't do anything." Would the hell start again? "I swear I, didn't, hurt her." He would be blamed. He knew it. He always was. "Please, Azrael," he begged, hands covering his groin as he retreated on the bed.

Azrael gave him a brief look. "Hush, Mark. This is not your doing. She has had more of my blood than you have. It tends to intensify everything. You are in no trouble, I promise." He brushed his lips over her brow. "Wake up, sweet," he urged, giving just a tiny push to her. Too much could be damaging. "Open your eyes, pretty."

A sigh escaped her as she returned to consciousness. "What happened?" There was no fear, just confusion.

"You fainted, sweet. We were too much for you. Your body is still so new to my power. I should have been expected it and been prepared." Azrael smiled softly. "Did you enjoy yourself, Morgan? Mark needs to know that he caused you no distress."

She moaned as she stretched. Every nerve was still alive and tingling warmly in her. "It was great." She turned her head to smile at Mark. "It was wonderful, really."

One could almost see the tension flow out of him. Regardless of Azrael's reassurances, Mark had refused to relax till Morgan had agreed.

"Pet, you are going to have to learn to have faith in me." Azrael extended a hand, allowing the younger man to curl up next to him. "Let me lay Morgan down. It is your turn. I have promised you this." He smiled warmly. It would feel wonderful to have this one under him.

Mark swallowed a lump as he watched Azrael settle Morgan on one side of the bed, fussing at her to rest. A low, anticipatory hum filled him. Now, it would be now.

Azrael smiled in admiration at Mark's beauty. He hadn't been wrong about this young man's build. Such power and grace. How could anyone who saw it not want it? "Come to me," he said kneeling on the bed and pulling the boy down.

'No words for now' , Mark prayed. He knelt before Azrael, his hands moving down his master's back to grasp the hard half-moons of his buttocks, grinding him slowly against his own groin. They kissed, Mark moaning softly as Azrael's finger found and teased his virgin hole. Words would spoil this, would force the truth to be known again. He wanted this now. Not because he had no choice, but because he needed it, and he

didn't want to be reminded of his true purpose.

The aged vampire did not know whether to laugh or applaud Mark's new wantonness.

Azrael turned him gently, hand reaching to smear the slick moisture seeping from the tip over the head of his shaft, mingling with the traces of his pleasure with Morgan, to lubricate himself for entry. He had won for now. The boy in his grasp was ready. His body pressed back against his chest of its own accord, arms reaching up around his neck, pulling him even closer in his need.

The sweet, gripping tightness of his muscles sent pulses of painful ecstasy shooting through his hips and chest. He fed all this pleasure back into his lover, flooding it over the natural discomfort of first entry. Mark gave a low, open-mouthed, cry as Azrael thrust forward sharply to bury himself to the base.

The feelings were fabulous. Mark couldn't believe this, could not accept it. He bucked back against Azrael with every thrust, mouth reaching to meet his master's, as Azrael's fingers tightened around him, setting up rhythm.

"You feel so good, pet." Azrael nipped the back of his neck. "It has been long indeed since I felt such sweet tightness. The pleasure I am gong to have exploring it is going to be beyond your wildest fantasies."

Mark only whimpered low as his orgasm rushed through him, leaving him unbelievably vulnerable in its wake.

"Down." Hands pushed him forward, forcing his face into the pillows as hands grasped his hips and the thrusts became harder. He cried out with new force as he was driven hard into the firmness of the mattress.

Azrael released his passions, driving harder and harder into the hot, rough heat that was his lover. He allowed all his power to fill him, branding Mark, driving home his ownership in a way that stripped the few illusions from Mark's soul. Mark's half-coherent pleas were music as he came, losing himself in the moment of passion's pinnacle.

Azrael pulled away for a moment afterwards, to clean himself, then to return to do the same to his pet. He was very pleased. The boy had done wonderfully. "Did you like your reward, Mark?" He pulled the young man into his arms.

"Yes." He blushed. "Thank you."

"Was it all that you feared?"

"Yes." He buried his face in Azrael's hair. "Worse, much worse."

"Why? I did not hurt you." He wanted to hear the boy say it, know that he knew it freely.

"No. I--you made me like it. I loved it. That's why it's worse. If it had hurt, I would still be in control. I fought, but it was wonderful. I lost myself in it."

"Would you have rather I hurt you?"

"No, almost, but no. I know what you can do." He pulled away a little. "How about you, Master?"

"Are you asking me if I enjoyed myself?" Azrael asked, amazed. "Of course I did. If, I was, not completely satisfied, we would still be busy. I promise you many hours exploring these mysteries." He sat up. He was fully aware of how late it was for him. "But, alas, for now, I must sleep. It's very late. Run, relieve yourself before I chain you."

Mark was too tired to argue. "Yes, sir." He obeyed shoulders drooped and head down. He had lost. No doubt, about it, no hope of winning. There was no going back, no rescue. He would be anything Azrael demanded. He had no choice.

Azrael lifted Morgan into his arms, kissing her softly. "It is bedtime, pretty one. I will not be able to chain you both, so I want your word, you will be good?"

"Good." She giggled. "Where would I go?"

"Nowhere." Good, she understood. He was worrying for nothing. This one was very much like her brother. He would not have any difficulties from her. "Try to be understanding with Mark. This is very new to him. During his time of adjustment, we need to support him as much as possible."

She nodded. It worried her a little, to be left alone with him, but Azrael promised she wouldn't be in danger. She had to trust him. "Can I get a shower before I go back to sleep?"

"Of course you may. Within this room you have full freedom. There is even a razor in there, so you can shave the rest of this hair off like I had suggested. I will leave Maria a note to bring food later. I am sure you will be hungry." He tweaked her nose before looking at Mark. "Oh, finished I see. Well, come here, I am in something of a hurry." Mark lay where Azrael pointed, eyes closing as his wrists were manacled. "Soon, you will only wear one, but for now we both know it is best to remove temptation."

"I know." What could he say? Left up to his own devices, he'd be stupid, and he knew it. "What happens tomorrow night?"

"We will continue your training. Consider, if you can, ways of placating me. For I will not tolerate argument, and I fear you will be punished nightly for a while."

"You're going to beat me again?" Mark tensed. "I don't get it. I thought I did what you wanted."

"Yes, and I am very pleased with you. But until you tame your mouth, you will be dealt with severely. Tomorrow night, if you fail me in any way, I will let Vincent have you, and allow him his aggressions." Mark's eyes widened. "Within reason, of course. He will not be allowed to mar your skin, or do any real damage. But I have proven that you can cause someone quite a lot of pain without hurting them severely. But if you are good, and obey without fuss, you will have an evening full of pleasure as you entertain us." Azrael bent and kissed him. "Morgan has gone for a shower. She will be back soon. Sleep well. Perhaps the two of you will become good friends. Just remember, hurt her, and I will make you wish you had never been born."

"I know." Why did he have to do this? Couldn't he just let it lie? Promise in one hand, and threats in the other. "I don't know why you're worried, Master." He said, hurt and bitter. "It's not like I could do anything right now, anyway."

Azrael patted his cheek. "I know I must sound cruel to you, but I want you to understand what is at stake for you. Remember my warning, and all will be well."

"I will." Like he could forget.

"Well. I am off for now. You two get some rest. I will be with you as soon as the sun sets." He touched his cheek once more, bending to kiss him, before pulling away to dress.

Morgan lingered in the shower. The water felt good as she washed the sweat from her. She was sore, but the memories of how she got this way were wonderful. She lived with a 'real vampire', one that had given her back her life, and made her feel secure, for the first time since her parents died.

Limp strands of hair fell to the shower floor as she removed the remains of her hair. It was still hard to believe that he didn't find her ugly. The loss of her hair had been the worst part of her illness. She used to have such pretty hair. Well, it would grow back, and she'd never cut it again.

She then remembered what Anna had said about her pubic hair. Carefully she shaved the light down that covered her sex. She caught her breath at the slight tremors that shot through her as she touched herself. 'Oops, got to be careful here' . She was still sensitive.

Mark had closed his eyes, hoping for sleep, but opened them when he felt a shift on the bed. "You cut off your hair," he commented.

"Yeah, might as well. It looked silly. I'm hoping that it all grows back at the same time." She looked at the bed. "I guess I have to sleep next to you. There's not enough room on the bed the way you're tied up for anything else."

Mark shrugged. "Sorry, but I couldn't do anything about it."

"Do you mind?" She pillowed her head on his right shoulder.

Mark shifted, and to his surprise, fount that the chains had enough slack to allow him to wrap his right arm around her. He held her close. "Nah, it's kind of nice, after everything, to hold a girl."

"He's really not as mean as you think he is." She was very conscious of their undressed state. "I mean, he could have made us sleep alone, or denied us anyone's company."

"I know. I figured it would be a whole lot worse than it is. But I still hate him, and he knows it."

"Why?" She sat up. "Why bother, he isn't going to let you go, you know that. Whether you like it or not, you're here. Wouldn't it be easier to just accept it and let him make it fun?"

'Just accept it' . God, she made it sound so easy. "I can't, not yet. I'm not one to let anyone hold my life," he said bitterly. "Yeah, I know. It's stupid, but that's the way I am."

"I'm sorry." She crossed her legs and looked down at him. "I hope it works out for you. I hate it when I'm reminded that he can be mean."

Mark laughed. "He can be, can't he?" Change the subject before he said something stupid. He shrugged. "You want to sleep, or ball? You'll have to be on top but that's cool."

Morgan looked at him. Was he serious? Why would he just offer it like that? Azrael had been so sweet, so loving. Anna had made her feel cherished, but Mark only wanted to ball. She almost snapped at him, told him what he could do with his suggestion, but with insight a little beyond her years, she realized what he must be going through. Would it be so bad? Would it make her what he thought she was if she said yes, or would it help? Maybe a girl was just what he needed right now. A reminder, that, he was still a, man.

"Sorry," he apologized. "It was just a thought." She wouldn't. Why the hell had he asked? Why should she? He was nothing to her. He was just some asshole that made her happy home a trifle less happy.

"I'm not real good at this." She laid a hand on his chest. "Believe it or not, but before tonight, I never did anything."

"No shit? You're kidding right? A pretty thing like you, what, all the guys you know gay or something?"

"No, too sick. When you're fighting to live, sex isn't all that important." She blushed. "You really think I'm pretty?"

"Sure. Hell girl, look in a mirror. I've never been much for bald chicks, but you look real tasty." He reached up to stroke her head. "And you taste as good as you look, too."

She was bright red. No one had ever talked to her like this so blunt, so to-the-point. "Thank you."

"So, let's ball. I bet you're still real tight." His hands moved between her legs. "You shaved," God, what a turn-on."

"Do you like it?" She trembled under his touch.

"Yeah. I bet he will too. That's why you did it, right?" She nodded. "You ever blow a guy before?"


"You know what sixty-nine is?" When she shook her head he couldn't believe it. "Wanna learn?"

"What is it?"

"Crawl up here. Straddle my face, like you did earlier. As I eat you, you blow me. We both get off." He wished his hands were free, or there were at least a foot more lead in his chain. As it was, he could lower his hands to his sides, but he couldn't move any further if he sat up. "Sorry, babe, but you're going to have to do most of the work. I'm a little tied up, if you pardon the pun."

"You don't think he'll get mad, do you?" She didn't think there would be a problem, but the possibility gave her pause.

"Don't see why. As long as I don't hurt you, he said he didn't care." He shrugged. "I may be an asshole, but I won't take out my grief for him on you. So," he reached for her. "Come on girl. You have no idea how much I want to fuck you."

"Mark," she lay beside him. "Do me a favor. Don't call it that. Azrael hates it, and so do I. I'll make love to you, I'll even blow you, but don't call it fucking."

"Sure baby, making love does sound better." He didn't much care what she called it. But maybe she had a point. So he'd use those words instead. Why not, if it makes her happy? She was going to be his only human contact for a while, or at least the only one he'd get to really know. So why not make her happy?

"I won't hurt you like this, will I?" She threw a leg over him.

"God, I hope so." He reached to pull her hips down. "Blow me, baby, I need you."

It was so easy. She leaned forward as his fingers parted her lips. Who would have ever thought?

For a beginner, she wasn't bad. Maybe he'd be given more time with her. She was more than willing he'd teach her how to love a man. "Suck it, baby," his voice was husky as she gladly obliged him. "That's it. Harder." 'Yes, that was it' . His mind went white with pleasure as Morgan drew as hard as she could, tongue slowly lapping the sides as she did. But as he began to sample her sweetness, she lost control again. Oh, well, technique and control would come. Until then, he'd get her off, then ball her silly

Morgan whimpered as his teeth raked over her sensitive flesh. "Ow!" She jumped against the pressure, causing Mark to accidentally bite her. "No!" That hurt! She jumped away.

Mark's mind went blank with fear. "Oh, shit, baby, I'm sorry." Would she believe him? "Please, honey, I didn't mean to hurt you."

"You bit me." She stood, there, hand over her aching sex.

"You jumped, I wasn't trying to hurt you, it was an accident. I didn't realize you were still that keyed." 'Please, oh, God, Please' . He knew he was fucked now. "Come on, baby, let me make it up to you."

*Morgan, precious, * Azrael's thoughts flowed over her. They were a little vague around the edges, like he was only partially there. *Go on, sweet, I am here always. My pet, he didn't mean to cause you discomfort. He is a little heavy-handed. You are young and new to this. It won't happen again. *

Mark's heart almost stopped as Azrael's presence surrounded him. *Boy. *

"I'm sorry." He looked around wildly. Where was he? "I swear it, man. It was an accident. I wouldn't hurt her on purpose." He felt tears sting his eyes. He was ready to cry, and it humiliated him. "Come on, man, Master, I swear it. I'm not lying. You know I'm not."

*Relax, Mark. * Azrael pulled the force of his sending. *I, know what happened, pet. I won't punish you for something that was not intended. But be careful. She is very young and naive. *

"Where are you?"

*I am in my chamber, sleeping. I can speak to your mind as easily as I read it. Just focus your thoughts. I can hear them. *

Mark closed his eyes. *You believe me, don't you? * His hopes and fears punctuated his words.

*Yes, boy. I know you had no desire to cause pain, only pleasure. But remember that she is very young and very sensitive, less force. *

*Yes, sir. * He felt his pulse slow.

*Soon you'll be mine, and you won't need to feel this fear. Now, go and ease my precious one's misgivings. Use careful force if you need to, but prove to her that you will cause her no more pain or fear. * The connection broke.

"Morgan." Mark took her hand and pulled her trembling body against his. "I'm sorry, baby girl. It was one of those things that sometimes happens until you learn your partner." His grasp tightened as she tensed. "Don't do it, baby. I gotta prove that it was a fluke. You know I do."

"Master!" She cried out as she struggled, but Azrael was silent. "No." What if he hurt her? Azrael wasn't listening. He was going to let Mark do anything he wanted.

"Morgan." Mark rolled on top of her, pinning the kicking legs to the bed. "Don't be this way." He was very careful how much force he used. Just, enough, to hold her in place, but not enough to hurt her. "Mo, listen to me, please."

She froze suddenly, eyes wide and staring. Much like the eyes of a rabbit caught in headlights. A soft whimper escaped her throat.

"Ssshh. It's okay, honest." He brushed his lips against her cheek. "I won't hurt you, baby. I told you I wouldn't. Let me do this, let me prove it." His own position was uncomfortable. He was too far down on the bed, the chains were crossed and tangled and made his arms ache.

"Please," she whisper-whimpered softly. "I won't fight, I won't tell Azrael anything. I promise. Please, Mark, don't hurt me." She hoped he believed Azrael would be unhappy if he hurt her.

"No, baby, I want you to tell our master." He chose his words carefully as he pulled her body up towards the head of the bed so that his chains had more slack, and his arms greater movement. "I want you to tell him I did as he said, that I proved to you that it was an accident, that I won't hurt you."

"He'll be angry." She wasn't listening. "You hurt me--he'll--you know what he can do."

Mark realized that she wouldn't listen to him as long as he held her down. "Morgan, hush." He kissed her, to silence her pleas. "Now listen."

"Please." She swallowed back tears, breaking down now would only steal what little control she had left.

"Morgan," he whispered in her ear as his lips brushed her cheek. "Baby, I--be quiet." He held himself, there, cheek pressed against hers. "That's a girl, now listen. I'm going to let you go I can't prove anything like this. So I'm going to have to trust you." He swallowed. "If you believe that I hurt you on purpose, you can jump from the bed and sleep on the floor until he gets up. And then he'll make me pay for it. Or you can let me prove how much of an accident it really was, and I get to keep my skin. Which will it be?" He released her arms and held himself up, allowing her enough room to wiggle away. He flopped onto his back, untangling the chains, then grabbed the pillows and thrust them under his head. "Okay kid. It's your ballgame. Azrael told me to prove to you that it was an accident, to show you that I won't hurt you. Now, I'm no fool, and I don't think that you are, either. So we don't need to guess what'll happen if he finds out I fucked up and didn't do what he said. And since he's not listening right now, he won't have any idea what happened. And believe me, he's the type to hit first, and ask questions later." He smiled, trying to win her over. "Did it hurt that much, girl? Where's the blood? Because if I don't do what he said, he's going to skin me alive and cut my dick off."

"He'd what?" No, she refused to believe it. "You're lying, how dare you! Yeah, I believe he'd kill you, but he'd never do--. Don't you ever say that again," she yelled at him.

"I'm not like you, little girl," he shouted back, fear stealing his calm reason. "I fought, remember. He's already beaten me. Look at my face and my ass if you don't think he'd do anything to me he wanted. He'll cut me, Morgan. He 'will' do it. I ain't lying. He'd do it."

*Enough, * the thoughts flowed over both of them . *Mark, you are right. In some ways, you are not like my girls. But I will never punish you for something you have no control over. Morgan, just because I do not answer, does not mean that I am not there. Go on. Curl up with my boy. Relax; he will not harm you anymore. Both of you must calm down. You are making sleep very difficult for me. No more, Morgan, do as I have said. Any more arguments and I will punish you both tomorrow, night. As it is, I may still spank the two of you for simply being annoying. Now mind me. * The sending cut off.

Morgan climbed back into bed, crying softly as Mark, pulled her close. "I'm sorry." She was terrified.

"It's okay. He can just build a bridge." He let out a long sigh. "If he's angry, I'll let him beat me. You're still too sick for his temper." He couldn't believe what he was saying. This kid was nothing to him, but he knew he'd do it. He'd never hit a girl in his life. It was the one good thing he could say about himself. The only thing, if he thought about it. And by his reasoning, if he could refrain, then by God, so would his master. "I'm sorry, Mo, I didn't mean to hurt you."

She looked up at him. "It hurt. I'm sorry for freaking, but it hurt."

He smiled lopsidedly. "Can I kiss it and make it better?" He lowered his head. "Reach up here, baby girl." The, chains were a bitch, but Morgan was a little calmer now, and freely turned so she could look down at him. Her kiss was open and welcoming again. "You gonna let me do what he said, now? I promise I'll be careful."

She nodded. "Let me go first, Mark. I can't seem to concentrate on what I'm doing when you're doing it, too."

He was stunned. "You want to blow me?" Surely she didn't mean that. His luck wasn't that good, was it?

"I'd like to." She bit her lip. "You're not mad at me, are you? It was my fault. I'll tell him it was."

"Nah, I'm not mad. Don't worry about it. He won't kill me, and I don't think he'll cut me. He said he wouldn't. I've got to learn to believe in something. I've lived through one of his spankings so far. I'll live through another. You just be real sweet and let me deal with it." He moaned as her fingers found him. "Baby girl, do me a favor, huh?"

She looked up. "What?"

"Forget the blow job. Climb on board. I wanna make love real bad."

She smiled pulling herself up to swing a leg over him, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Let's ball."

Mark's laughter mingled with hers as she sheathed him. Sliding down to rest on his hips, moaning as she began to move slowly.

Mark knew he would go nuts at this speed, but he kept silent. If he was going to be driven out of his mind, this was the way to go.

Hands reached to pull her forward. "Come here." The rough whisper of a man's voice sent shivers of delight down her.

Mark looked up into her face that was lit by the soft glow from the bathroom light. She was beautiful.

Her skin glowed a pale white, soft and warm to the touch, as his hands moved over her throat, moving to caress her arms, fingertips tracing over her skin, as she rode him.

The small breasts that bounced before him drew both his gaze and touch, as his lips locked onto the right nipple and the left breast filled his hand. Fingers, moving to pinch the nipple, lightly. Before opening to take the full breast in to squeeze. Then his fingers returned to the nipple.

Morgan grew frantic, as her motions grew quicker. Her breasts were so sensitive to the feel of hands and mouth, that was what brought her to the point of crisis, even more so than the wonderful feeling of having him inside her.

The short, slow, downward thrusts became frenzied as Morgan came. Her virginal muscles locked down on Mark's shaft, making him cry out in part pleasure, part pain.

Morgan shrieked as fingers bit into her skin and the easy thrust that once encouraged her along, now pounded up fast and hard. The feelings that raced through her body stunned her.

"Come on, baby, cum with me." His thumbs found her, and began their torment.

"No," she cried out as the feelings that had taken her over, began to become pain. A pain unlike anything she had ever felt before. It was a pain that she wanted, craved even, and at the same time, hated.

"Yes," he hissed. "Come on now, baby, don't stop now." If she did, he would explode.

Nails bit into his chest as she clawed at him, fighting him. She couldn't, it was too much. No one had ever pushed her this far. Both Anna and Azrael had stopped when she had begged them to, but Mark was heartless.

The pain was the final key. Mark thrust up, his hands moving over her hips, pulling them downward. He came.

And despite struggling, and in spite of her fears, she did cum again. It was glorious. A feeling that swept through her that stole her breath and her mind.

They lay there. Both lost for words, and neither caring. Silent and peaceful, they were content to lie quietly.

They had lain as such for several minutes before Mark broke the silence. "Damn, baby girl, but you're dangerous."

She slowly lifted up, to sit over him. "Me?" Her movement caused her muscles to tighten again.

"Oh, Damn." He moaned. She couldn't be serious. There was no way he had anything left. "Yeah, you. Please, baby girl, have a heart. I try anything else, and it's gonna kill me."

She nodded in complete agreement as she pulled away. She didn't think she could stand anymore tonight, or was it today? "I'm tired." She shivered.

"Well then, pull the covers out from under me, and let's get some sleep." He sat up so that they could begin to pull down the bed. "And Morgan." He caught her hand as she stood. "Thanks, baby girl, I needed that."

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