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The Torment of Sissy Slut Tinkerbell

Part 3

Daddy woke up with the sun at 5:00AM. He had slept very soundly knowing he finally had his beautiful slave girl and that she was spending the night learning her place. He laid in bed with his eyes closed and he remembered the look of shame in Tinkerbell's eyes after she put her feminine pink dress on. Then he remembered the way she looked when he left her last night; her face covered in cum, her body twisting around in pain from the shocks.

"I wonder how she's doing now." he thinks, opening his eyes and getting out of bed. "I bet that bitch is exhausted. I'm sure she'll be more obedient today." Still naked from the night before, Daddy heads straight for Tinkerbell's room. When Daddy opens the door, he is greeted with the stench of sweat and urine and the sound of whimpering and sobbing. As he enters, he sees Tinkerbell is in the middle of one of her shock sessions.

Her whole body is gently trembling and she is making a constant weak sobbing noise. The different parts of her body jerk as they are shocked out of sync with each other. Tinkerbell opens her eyes and looks at Daddy when she hears him close the door. She makes eye contact for a split second before shutting her eyes and making a scared whining noise.

Daddy sees that Tinkerbell must have rubbed most of the cum off her face onto the sheet, but there is still a bit of dried residue splattered across her face and clumped in her tangled hair. Her pale cheeks are stained by tears and a thin layer of sweat coats her fatigued and twitching body. He sees a dark spot on her dress and on the bed around her crotch - she had obviously pissed herself during the night.

"Good morning, Tinkerbell." Daddy says, calmly sitting down on the bed next to her. "Looks like my little girl had an accident last night, didn't she? So much to learn... I guess we'll have to add potty training to your todo list. You probably didn't get much sleep at all last night, did you?" Tinkerbell just continues her sobbing, ignoring Daddy. Daddy brings his hand to Tink's cuffed left wrist, then slowly runs his fingers down the length of her arm in a sensual caress. "That's good though. Sleep is just a luxury for sissy slaves..." Daddy gives Tinkerbell a disappointed look and shakes his head as he continues, "And you certainly didn't earn yourself any luxuries last night."

Tinkerbell's trembling and sobbing grew stronger and a of couple tears run down her cheeks and onto the bedsheet. Daddy was correct, she hadn't gotten any sleep last night. Much more than half of it was spent writhing about in pain, unable to think of anything other than how desperately she wanted it to stop. Her cock felt as if it were on fire, her nipples throbbed, and the muscles under the electro-pads contracted tightly causing an intense cramping pain.

When the shocks subsided after each painful session, her muscles relaxed and her mind cleared as she took a few deep breaths through her nose. For a few short seconds, Tinkerbell felt relieved. "Thank God!" She would think, "It's finally over!" But as she tried to stretch her sore arms and legs, the straps that kept her immobilized quickly reminded her of the hopelessness and severity of the situation. As the pain induced haze lifted from her mind, the brief feeling of relief was quickly replaced with unmitigated fear as she remembered the sick fuck who kidnapped her and imagined the horrible things he had planned for her.

Although she was crying all the while being shocked, it was at this point she started bawling. "I'm not going to escape here, am I?" She asked herself, realizing her helplessness. "That man is twice my size and sadistic as fuck! There is no way I could fight him, he'd beat my ass in a second! This can't be real! I'm dreaming! Or maybe this is all just a school-bully related prank gone too far. He'll fuck me in the ass and then release me so all the kids at school can say it proves I'm gay. Maybe there will even be videos on the Internet everyone can see. But then I can just move far away and start life fresh at a new school." Tinkerbell tried reassuring herself, not wanting to believe the things Daddy told her. "It has to be something like that! This isn't how my life is supposed to go!" She tugged violently at the straps, hoping that by some stroke of luck they would rip and she could run to freedom.

The straps held up perfectly fine of course and tears of helplessness and desperation poured from her eyes. "Is this really how I'm going to spend the rest of my life!?" Tinkerbell thought in horror as visions of Daddy's perverted plans for her flooded her mind.

While she was imagining how painful it will be when Daddy's thick, long, cock rips her tight, virgin, ass hole open, the next round of electro-torture began. Tinkerbell's dreadful predictions of the future subsided as the pain throughout her body once again dominated her mind. This cycle repeated all night and Tinkerbell was 15 minutes into another shock session when Daddy came to start her day.

"Do you want me to turn this stuff off, Tinkie?" Daddy asks his worn out slave with a certain warmth in his voice. The hope of finally being done with this punishment takes over Tinkerbell's mind. She opens her eyes, looks at Daddy, and nods vigorously. She doesn't know what Daddy has in store for her today, but she figures that as long as she does her best to please him, it can't be much worse than this.

"Geeze, calm down there Tink." Daddy says with a chuckle and a smile. "You're acting like you're in a hurry, like you've got something more important to do. But there's no reason to rush, babe. It's only 5 in the morning. I wasn't planning on starting the day for another 3 hours, so you don't have to worry, we'll have plenty of time for all the fun things I have planned for today. Besides, I think this is a great way to demonstrate one of the fundamental rules of being a sissy slave..."

Daddy moves himself so he is straddling Tinkerbell, his legs kneeling on either side of her belly and his hands on either side of her head. He lowers his head to a foot above Tinkerbell's and his smile turns to a sneer as he tells her the rule. "What you want... DOESN'T! FUCKING! MATTER!" He yells boomingly at her and then slaps her hard across the face. "The only thing that matters, is what I want!"

Tinkerbell feels her heart sink and she starts bawling. Her body shakes and twists as she brakes down crying, tears streaming down her face. In between her sobs, Daddy hears her muffled attempts at begging for mercy. They mostly come out as murmurs, but he hears a couple "please"s, a "don't" something, and what sounded like "let me go."

Daddy stares angrily down at Tinkerbell and shakes his head. "Wow! Un-fucking-believable! You disrespectful fucking bitch! If there is one thing I will not tolerate, it is a sissy whore acting like she's too good for her Daddy! You want me to let you go? You don't want to be my sissy slave? Well that's just too fucking bad, slut! Because you're already tied up, in my house, dressed as a sissy bitch! Once you've become a sissy slave, you're a sissy slave for life!"

Tinkerbell stops yelling and her sobbing grows louder as Daddy continues. "Here is another fundamental rule of sissy slavery: You must accept and acknowledge that you are a sissy slave and that you will always be a sissy slave for the rest of your pathetic life. When you beg me to stop doing something to you, you are implying that your wants and desires matter, which is of course punishable. But when you beg to be 'let go' and no longer be a sissy slave, you are implying that we are equals and that you deserve the same rights and privileges that I and the rest of society do."

"But we are not equals, Tinkerbell! Not even close! As a sissy slave, you are the lowest form of life on the planet! Sissy slaves exist solely for their Master's pleasure and enjoyment!"

"It's bad enough to second-guess my orders and bitch about what your sorry ass wants - and as your training progresses you will be punished harshly for any such outburst like that, no matter how slight. For now though, I'm willing to tolerate some small slips here and there so we can focus on the basics. But I will never, ever, tolerate the suggestion that you should go free!"

Daddy repositions himself crouching on Tinkerbell's right. His left hand wraps around Tink's neck, choking her, and his right hand goes to her balls and he squeezes them tight for a couple of seconds. Tinkerbell instinctively tries to gasp from the pain in her balls and goes into a panic as she unsuccessfully attempts to suck some air into her lungs. With most of her body still suffering the sharp stinging pain of the electro-torture and thrashing about desperately, she feels like she needs air now more than ever, but Daddy keeps his grip tight on Tink's neck.

Daddy releases Tink's balls, only to give them a firm slap a split second later. Daddy continues slapping Tink's balls in a rhythmic manner, yelling "Bad! Girl! Bad! Girl! Bad! Girl! Bad! Girl! Bad! Girl!" one slap on each word. After 15 seconds that feel like an eternity, Daddy releases Tink's neck and she desperately hyperventilates through her nose as a tear runs down her cheek. The electricity still pulsing through her keeps her body jerking around a bit, but she stops yelling.

"Good thing I got up early today." Daddy says looking down at his fear-filled captive. "It looks like you may need a bit more training than I anticipated." A mischievous smile crosses Daddy's face and a few seconds later his hand is once again choking Tinkerbell. "If you really don't want to be my sissy slut, I can just keep my hand here for a minute and you'll never have to suck cock again!" Tinkerbell's eyes open wide in terror and whines desperately as Daddy implies he will strangle her to death. "Is that what you want bitch!? You're never going back to your old life, but I can end your sissy slavery here and now!"

"I don't want to be a sissy slave," Tinkerbell thinks frantically as more tears fall from her eyes, "but I really don't want to die! There's always a chance I could escape eventually, or get rescued. Or maybe if I'm really good, he won't treat me so badly." Tinkerbell shakes her head frantically to signal to Daddy to stop choking her. Daddy sees Tinkerbell's submission, but he wants to push her to the edge and ensure she realizes the severity of her misbehavior.

With his left hand still tight around Tinkerbell's neck, Daddy reaches back down to her sissy ball sack and squeezes it repeatedly like a stress ball. Each time the pressure on her balls increases, Tinkerbell lets out a pathetic whine and her face cringes in pain. As he abuses Tink's balls, Daddy looks down at her. "No? You still don't want to be my sissy slut?"

"What!? No!" Tinkerbell tries to yell with no success as Daddy keeps her air cut off. "I want to be your sissy slave! Please don't kill me!" Unable to get any words out, she shakes her head harder. "Damn, I can't believe your so afraid of being a sissy slave that you'd rather die!" Daddy tells a horribly frightened Tinkerbell, fully knowing what she really means by shaking her head.

After 30 seconds of being choked, Tinkerbell starts to feel herself slip away. Tears pour down her face as she thinks "This is it. This is how it ends." Tinkerbell looked down the length of her spread body. Past the hand squeezing her neck with a deadly grip she sees the ornate flowers sticking up from the breast of her pink dress. Further down the sheer white tights clinging to her legs run down from under her short pleated skirt into the bright pink heels strapped to her feet. The humiliation of her girly appearance adds to her suffering as she thinks, "I can't believe this is how I'm going to go..."

As Daddy sees Tinkerbell starting to fade away, he releases her neck. Tinkerbell desperately gasps for life giving air as a creepy smile crosses Daddy's face. "You stupid bitch. Did you really think I would go through all of this effort to capture you just to kill you right away? Like I said yesterday, I'm going to be keeping you for a long, long time."

Tinkerbell shuts her eyes and takes short sharp breaths as she sobs. Her body twitches as electricity continues searing through her, but she's so overwhelmed by everything the pain barely registers anymore. Knowing his slave has been defeated, Daddy turns off the electricity.

In an instant the stinging pains in Tinkerbell's body disappear. Her eyes shoot open and a look of relief and gratitude fills her tear-stained face. "Now that you know some of the rules, I think it's time we start our day. And there's nothing like a good blow job to start the day off right!" Daddy says as he rubs his stiffening cock against Tink's disgusted face.

"You want me to take that gag out so you can suck your Daddy's cock?" Daddy asks. Tinkerbell cringes a little, but she knows there is no choice. She gingerly nods yes. "Good girl. Now can you ask politely to suck your Daddy's cock?" Daddy asks as he removes her gag. Once the gag is out, Tinkerbell looks up at Daddy and says "Can I please suck your cock Daddy?"

Daddy slaps Tinkerbell across the face. "That didn't sound like a little girl's voice..." Tinkerbell clears her throat and then, in a high pitched voice, pleads "Please let me suck your cock Daddy." "Much better" Daddy commends as he pushes his cock to Tink's lips. They part as her tongue hesitantly moves forward and gently licks the tip of Daddy's cock. Daddy moans in pleasure as he slips his manhood into his sissy's waiting mouth.

This time Daddy was much more gentle than the night before. He didn't shove his cock all the way down, but instead just gently thrust it back and forth as Tinkerbell's lips suck rhythmically and her tongue caresses his shaft. Every now and then he pulls out completely so Tink can catch her breath. Daddy then holds his cock just far enough that she has to lift her head and stretch her tongue to reach his cock. Tinkerbell savors the quick break until a slight nod and raise of the eyebrows is Daddy's cue for her to get back to work.

"Yeah, you really want that cock, don't you slut?" Daddy mocks as Tinkerbell strains her neck and stretches out her tongue, reaching for his cock. After Tinkerbell manages to give it a gentle lick, he guides it back into her waiting mouth. As much as Tinkerbell hates sucking her sadistic tormentor's cock, she does so with as much enthusiasm and effort as she can, knowing it is much more enjoyable than going back to the electro-torture.

As Daddy begins to cum, he removes his cock from her mouth and strokes it with his hand, pointing it towards Tinkerbell's face. She closes her eyes as hot, gooey, cum shoots from Daddy's cock and lands all over her face. Daddy rubs his cock in the cum, giving it a nice thick coating, and then brings it to Tink's mouth. "Clean me off like a good cum-hungry whore." Daddy commands.

Tink opens her mouth and sucks the cum off Daddy's cock. It has a horrible salty taste and gross slimy texture. She gags a little as she swallows it. "MMMM, doesn't that taste yummy?" Daddy mocks as he continues feeding his load to her. "Sissy girls love their Daddy's love juice!"

After Daddy feeds Tinkerbell the last large glob of cum, he grabs his cock, aims it at Tink's face, then starts pissing. Tinkerbell turns her head to get away, but Daddy grabs her hair and turns her head back so his hot stream splashes against her face. Tinkerbell shuts her mouth and eyes as tight as she can and whines in disgust.

"You like being soaked in warm piss, don't you? That's why you pissed yourself last night." Daddy mocked Tinkerbell as his golden stream showed no signs of slowing. "Good thing you have a caring Daddy who knows how to treat you like the filthy whore you are!" Daddy lifts himself up and directs his stream onto Tinkerbell's pink dress. He moves it side to side to make sure her whole dress gets soaked. His pee slows to a trickle and Daddy lowers himself so he is again sitting on Tink's chest.

"Tell me that you're a filthy sissy bitch who loves being drenched in piss." Daddy says looking down with a smile on his face. Tinkerbell knows she has no choice and replies, using a girly voice, "I am a filthy sissy bitch who loves being drenched in piss."

"I can tell baby" Daddy says with a chuckle as he caresses Tink's wet face. "Since you love Daddy's piss so much, I'm sure you'd love Daddy's shit too, wouldn't you?"

A look of shock crosses Tinkerbell's face. "Yeah, some stinky slimy shit smeared all over you. You think that would be fun, Tink?"

"Uhh.. Um... I..." is all Tink can say as her breathing quickens. Daddy helps Tinkerbell find the right words and tells her "Say 'Please shit on my face Daddy'." Tinkerbell's face cringes and she starts to sob, knowing what is about to happen. With her eyes shut tight, Tinkerbell pleads softly, "Please shit on my face Daddy."

"What a filthy bitch." Daddy says as he turns himself and positions himself with his ass over Tinkerbell's anxious face. Tinkerbell feels a breeze of warm air as Daddy lets out loud fart. Not wanting to open her mouth in this predicament, Tinkerbell has no choice but to inhale the rancid air through her nose. Using one hand to hold himself and the other to hold Tinkerbell's head in place, Daddy starts to squeeze out his shit.

The turd feels warm and slimy as it hits Tinkerbell's face. She whines and tries to turn her head, but Daddy pulls her hair to keep it in position. Daddy slowly moves himself on top of Tink so the length of the turd runs up Tinkerbell's cheek and over her left eye. After Daddy pinches it off, he turns Tink's head and rubs it against the mattress, smearing the shit across the left side of her face.

"There you go, Tink. Does that feel as good as you thought it would?" Tinkerbell replies with a distraught whine. "Let's get your whole face covered. That'll make you feel better." Daddy then repeats the process with another long turd on the right side of Tink's face. Once that is smeared around, a slightly smaller turd is laid across Tink's lips as she whines in disgust. Her eyes are shut tight to prevent shit from getting in them. Daddy lowers himself slightly and rubs his ass against Tinkerbell's face, smearing his shit across the helpless sissy's lips and nose.

Daddy crawls forward and straddles Tinkerbell's chest. He grunts as he begins shitting right on top of the flowers decorating the breast of Tink's already piss-soaked dress. "I ate a nice big meal last night to celebrate the beginning of our new life together," He informs Tink as the end of a fat, 4-inch long, turd plops onto her chest. "Since this is a big event for both of us, I thought it's only fair to share my celebratory meal with you, right?" Daddy continues followed by a chuckle.

Tink opens her eyes slightly for a second and sees some more shit starting to come out of Daddy's ass. "Almost done, Tinkie" Daddy says as Tinkerbell feels the warmth of the fresh turd hit her chest. Done with his shitting, Daddy crawls further up to the skirt of Tink's dress. He grabs a pleat and brings it to his dirty asshole, smearing the residual shit across the soft pink fabric. By time Daddy's ass is clean, there are 5 large brown spots staining the pleated skirt.

Daddy pivots on his right leg as he goes from straddling Tinkerbell to crouching to her side. He presses his hand against the shit on her chest and rubs it around, spreading it all over the flowery breast and straps of the dress as well as Tink's shoulders, neck, and upper arms.

Wrinkling his nose in disgust, Daddy speaks. "You nasty, filthy whore. Look at you! Covered in shit and soaked in urine. You disgust me! In fact, I feel a little sick just looking at you right now!" Finished with spreading the shit around, Daddy cleans his hand by wiping it on Tinkerbell's hair.

Daddy looms over Tinkerbell, looking at her with a sneer of disgust on his face. After a couple of silent seconds staring at the trembling slave's shit covered face, Daddy hocks up a large lougie and spits it directly on Tinkerbell's right eye.

"Seeing something as pathetic and worthless as you are right now fills me with utter contempt and disgust. I feel that it is wrong for something as contemptible as you to not be suffering." This revelation causes Tinkerbell to start trembling in fear. She doesn't say anything, just keeping her eyes shut tight trying to escape into her mind. Daddy continues speaking. "Anything lowly enough to be bound up and covered in shit doesn't deserve the enjoyment of respite. The only just thing to do with something like that is to ensure it's existence is painful and tormented." Daddy flips the electricity back on and Tinkerbell lets out a long loud scream as the horrible stinging pain courses through her body once again.

Tinkerbell's body twitches violently as Daddy gets off the bed. "I'm going to take a shower, bitch. I'm not a disgusting piece of shit like you, I like to be clean. After that, I'll be right back here and we can have some more fun." Daddy walks out of the room and Tinkerbell's shrieking becomes muffled as he shuts the door behind him.

The smell of the shit is overwhelming and Tinkerbell can taste it on her lips. Once again suffering from the painful shocks she had hoped were over and covered in her captor's bodily waste, she felt hopeless as ever. "Why must he do this to me? Will I ever get out of here? If not, will he ever treat me better? Or must I suffer like this for the rest of my life? What other horrible things could he have in store for me?" Tinkerbell's mind raced with anxious, frightened, thoughts and her body shook in pain as she fearfully awaited her Daddy's return.

Review This Story || Author: Tinkerbell
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