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The Torment of Sissy Slut Tinkerbell

Part 5

Daddy returns with a plate full of food and an empty glass. “I made my little sissy a nice breakfast” he says as he walks to the bed and sets the plate on the end table. It does look like a nice breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, and bacon. And it smells delicious.

Daddy sits on the bed next to Tinkerbell. “Want Daddy to feed you breakfast?”

“Yes please, Daddy.” Tinkerbell responds using her girl’s voice.

“Say, ‘please feed me breakfast Daddy.’” Daddy corrects.

“Please feed me breakfast Daddy.” Tink obeys.

Tinkerbell watches as Daddy cuts off a piece of pancake and picks it up on a fork. She expects him to bring it to her mouth to feed her, but instead he and puts it in his mouth. “MMMM, yummy.” he says as he chews.

Tinkerbell is confused. “Is he just teasing me?” she thinks hungrily.

He begins cutting off another piece. “Open up, Tink.” he commands her. Daddy puts down the knife and brings his hand under Tink’s chin. He pushes it up so she’s facing up at him with her agape mouth.

Daddy brings his mouth above Tinkerbell’s and then uses his tongue to push the mush of already chewed food and saliva into Tinkerbell’s mouth. She cringes as she feels the mush enter her mouth, but she keeps her head still, knowing better than to resist. “Finish chewing it and swallow, then open for more.” Daddy commands.

Tinkerbell is disgusted as she chews the moist clump of food, but at least she’s being fed something real. “Well, at least this is one of the least disgusting and degrading things to happen to me in the past day.” She tells herself. She gags slightly as she swallows it down.

By time Tinkerbell opens her mouth again, Daddy is all ready with another mouthful and he spits it right in. “You like the way Daddy feeds you?”

“Yes, Daddy. I like the way you feed me.” Tinkerbell replies after swallowing.

“See baby, Daddy takes good care of his little sissy girl.” Daddy tells his captive while rubbing her upper arm. “I love you, Tinkie.” Then he bends down to give her a kiss on the lips.

“I love you too, Daddy.” Tinkerbell responds meekly, casting her eyes down to the foot of the bed in shame. She wiggles her feet, not wanting to believe it was really her wearing those high heels.

Daddy slaps Tinkerbell hard across the face. “That didn’t sound very sincere, Tink. Look me in the eyes and say it like you mean it.”

Trembling, Tinkerbell looks up at Daddy and looks him in the eyes. Trying to sound as sincere as possible, she tells him “I love you, Daddy.”

“That’s better.” Daddy tells her before kissing her again. Then he resumes cutting up the pancake to feed it to Tink.

Tink’s eyes tear up as she watches her new Daddy cut up her food and put it in his mouth. How has she been reduced to this? Eating already chewed up food right from another man’s mouth? It’s so disgusting. Degrading. She doesn’t love him. She hates him. But she fears him. She’s never felt so afraid and desperate in her life. No choice but to obey. Her helplessness overwhelms her and the tears begin to run down her cheeks and she sobs gently.

Daddy brings his mouth to hers and Tinkerbell obediently opens up for her next mouthful. “What’s wrong, baby?” Daddy asks, wiping a tear from Tinkerbell’s cheek. “She’s so cute when she cries.” He thinks to himself.

“Nothing Daddy.” Tinkerbell replies.

“Nothing? Are you sure?” Daddy gently runs his hand through his slave’s hair. “I think you’re just overwhelmed, baby. You’re beginning to realize what a pathetic sissy you really are. I’m sure it’s tough to come to terms with, Tink, but you need to just embrace your true nature. It’s shameful, but it’s just part of who you are and you need to accept that. Don’t worry, I’m going to train you to be the perfect little sissy you were always meant to be and I’m sure that someday you’ll realize that deep down, all you ever really wanted was a strong, dominant Daddy to use you for his pleasure.”

Tinkerbell holds back her tears and stares past Daddy with a pouty look on her face. There is no hope. This is her new life now. “I’m a sissy girl. Tinkerbell. A slave for this man’s pleasure.” Tinkerbell reflects. The growing pain in her balls from the clamp Daddy attached reinforces her helplessness. “I’m scared, Daddy.” she tells him, her lip quivering, her eyes wide.

“As you should be, Tinkerbell. I expect nothing less than perfection from you, and as you’ve experienced, you will suffer greatly when you don’t live up to that. Fear and desperation are the only things that keep sissy slaves motivated and trying their hardest.”

“I will take care of you, baby. And I will treat you better when you’re being a good submissive sissy slave, but I will make sure that you always know your place, and that you always fear my power over you. Always remember Tinkerbell, that no matter how much pain or humiliation I make you suffer, if you’re a naughty girl, I can always make it much, much worse.”

Tinkerbell stares silently ahead. How can this be real? How can someone be so cruel? She closes her eyes and remembers what her life was like not even 24 hours ago. The freedom, the possibilities, the contentment. Gone. Forever. Replaced by fear, desperation, and suffering.

“Are you thirsty baby?” Daddy asks, interrupting her daydream. Tinkerbell looks at him nervously. “Yes, Daddy.”

Daddy stands up and picks up the glass. He gives his sissy a devious smile as he lowers the glass to his crotch. Horror and disgust fill Tinkerbell as she watches him fill the glass with his piss.

“Here you go baby.” Daddy says as he brings the glass to Tink’s face. “Fresh and warm for my cute little sissy.” Tinkerbell wrinkles her nose and whines as she catches a whiff of the pungent yellow liquid. Drinking his piss from the toilet earlier was gross enough, and now it’s not even diluted with toilet water.

“Open up, you disgusting slut.” Daddy commands her. A hopeless sigh, and then she obeys. She know’s he’ll be getting her to drink it one way or another. Her mouth opens slightly and Daddy brings the glass to her lower lip. “MMMM. Yummy.” Daddy patronizes her as he begins to pour his piss in the helpless sissy’s mouth.

Tinkerbell shudders from the horrid taste as her Daddy’s piss fills her mouth. He tilts the glass back to give her time to swallow. She closes her mouth and swallows it all down. “Ehh.” she makes a sound of disgust as she opens her mouth again. She fights the urge to vomit and anxiously anticipates the next mouthful.

“You’re such a lucky sissy.” Daddy tells Tinkerbell as he resumes pouring his piss in her mouth. “You have a Daddy that feeds you, and lets you drink his piss, and buys you such pretty clothes, and lets you suck his dick, and gives you the discipline and training you need to become the perfect sissy girl you’ve always wanted to be. I love you Tinkerbell, and that’s why I want to help you become the good little sissy slave you desire.”

“Why does he keep telling me that I want this?” Tinkerbell asks herself as she swallows the new load of piss. “Does he actually expect me to be grateful and happy about what he’s doing to me? This is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever had to do!”

Daddy brings the still mostly full glass of piss back to the table and sets it down. “Do you like the taste of Daddy’s piss?” he asks her with an expecting glare.

“Yes Daddy, I like the taste of your piss.” Tinkerbell replies meekly in her girl’s voice. “Play along,” she reminds herself, “it’s the only thing you can do.”

Daddy smiles down at her. All that discipline and punishment is quickly paying off. “That’s my Tinkerbell. Enjoying everything her Daddy gives her, just like a good sissy girl should.” Daddy picks up the fork and resumes chewing food for Tinkerbell.

15 minutes later, Daddy has fed Tink all of her breakfast and the whole glass of piss. She nearly got sick a couple of times while drinking the piss, but giving her only a couple sips at a time between the rest of her food made it easier for her to keep it all down.

“I hope you’re nice and full Tink, because you’ve got a long day ahead of you. But before we do anything else, I have another sexy outfit I want you to change into.”

Review This Story || Author: Tinkerbell
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