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The LAW Student

Part 1

- A small bar hangout in an Eastern college town  -

Young men and women swirled around in the usual bar scene.  The eyes of two 20 some-things caught each others attention. 

Mandy sized up Mike. Good looking early 20s local guy.  He could be a good catch for the night, strong, nice body and a cute smile. 

Mike looked at Mandy, OK looking grad student, probably pushing thirty.  Black short hair, body OK but very average.  Nice shorts, solid ass, legs a little chunky.  Tight blouse at a place like this says it all.

Overall a little frumpy, but might be a good one night lay.  Beggars cant be choosers and there had been slim pickings. Mike made his move.

“Hi, I am Mike.”  “Im Mandy.”

-- Usual small talk. --

“So Mandy, what do you do?”

“I am in third year law; I want to specialize in womens reproductive rights.”

“My under grad degree was in womens issues.”

“I have been working for the womens shelters while I go to school.

Mike was thinking:  Great! OK, how I escape, just what I need but thought he would see where this will go.

“Wow Mandy, you sound really busy.  I am just taking business classes at the Junior college.”

“Mike, thats good, I have heard good things about the school.”

Mandy, sensing Mikes discomfort.

“Mike, I dont want you to be put off with this womens thing, my private life is separate.”

The talk continued then Mike felt Mandys foot moving along his leg toward his crotch.

When her foot reached his crotch she smiled.

She moved her foot around his crotch, up and down, back and forth.

“Mike.  Can Johnny come out and play?”

Mike reached under the table, opened his fly and pulled his dick out.

Both feet now massaged his now hardened cock.

“Mike, I hope you do not think I am too forward.”

“I cant seem to get enough sex.”

Mike was a little astounded by Mandys forthrightness but he followed up.

“You want to go over to my place?”

“Yea Mike, in a little while, why dont you call a couple of your friends and have them join us.”

Mike gave her a startled look.  “OH OK You think so?”

Mandy gave him a big smile and twirled her tongue around her lips.

“Mike, I told you, I cant get enough.”

Mike got out his cell to call Dave.”

“Yea Dave that is what she said. She cant get enough sex. “

“Dave, she just slipped under the table and she is sucking my cock.”

“Mike, she sounds like a real slut.”  “Got that right.”

Mandy looked up from under the table.  “Hey tell Dave to bring a friend.”

“Dave, you hear that.” 

“Got it Mike.”

Mandy slithered out from under the table, just smiling at people watching.

“Ill finish the job in the car.”

They were no sooner in Mikes car then Mandy was opening Mikes fly.

“HMMMMMMM” Mandy was giving Mike a Hum job while she massaged his balls.

Mandy was all over Mikes cock.   “HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM”

She gave him a hum job until he couldnt take it any longer.

Mandy looked up at Mike, the cum glistened, hanging from her eye lids and nose.

“Mike nice cream job!” Mandy smiled, as she wiped up the cum and sucked it down.

“Mike, I cant wait to get your place.” “I want to fuck your friends.”

Mikes friends Dave and Terry were already there when they arrived.  Mandy walked in to find two hunks waiting.

“Wow, this is going to be a triple treat. “

“Hi Guys.   Ready for some luving” 

Mandy looked them over, hoping  they lived up to her expectation.

Terry and Mandy embraced, kissing and grinding their hips together.  Dave joined them sandwiching Mandy from behind.  Her hands were on Terrys crotch.  Their hands were all over her.  Dave pulled down her shorts while Terry took off her blouse.  Quickly her bra and panties were off.  The guys dropped their pants and shorts. 

“HMMMM” she took one cock in her mouth and the other in her hands. 

These guys are really hung she thought gauging their size and thinking how they would feel inside her.

Mandy twisted each dick in her hand and in her mouth. 

She dropped away and went to her hand bag getting out a box.

“OK guys, a rubber for each of you.”  “She could see the disappointment.” 

Come on guys it will be good.  Put them on.

“You got a big box of rubbers; you sure want to make sure you dont run out.”

“The University gives them to me free so I can have all the sex I want.”

“I just cant seem to get enough.”

Terry lay on the sofa and Mandy straddled him sliding his cock into her pussy.

“Feels real good Terry.”  Mandy liked the sensitive ribbed rubbers the school gave out.

Mandy wasted no time humping Terrys cock.  Up and down she bounced.

Her ass meat was rippling and her tits bouncing.

Mandy was getting hard fucked and she was screaming.

Terry shot his load into his rubber.  Mandy slid back and took off Terry condom. Dave took his place behind Mandy now on her knees.  He pushed his dick into Mandy.

“OHHH Dave that is sweet, fuck me, fuck me hard.”

While Dave screwed her from behind she licked Terrys cock. 

Then she took his rubber sucking clean the outside.  First outside with her pussy juices and then she squeezed the cum out into her mouth.

Dave was fucking her hard while Terry and Dave looked on laughing.

“Fuck her, Fuck the slut, fucking bitch.”

“Yea Dave, fuck my slut ass.”  Chimed in Mandy.

The guys were just laughing, they couldnt believe the slut.  It was a quick fuck as Dave was so aroused.  She took his condom like before and took all the cum in her mouth.

She showed the guys her mouth and then swallowed his load.

“HMMMM, tastes great.”

“I am ready for some more, guys.  I told you I cant get enough.”  Mandy laughed.

Mandy and the guys were getting ready for a second go around when the door opened.

“Dad!”  Exclaimed Mike.  “I thought you were gone for the weekend.

“What the fucks going on her.”  Uh dad this is my friend Mandy and….”

“Yea I can see.”  “What you doing with that whore here.”  “Dad shes not a whore we met at a bar.”

“Shut up.  A whores a whore.”

Jake, Mikes father, is a big man, a truck driver. 

He grabs Mandy by the hair.  Mandy looks up to see a brute, with big arms, huge hands and tattoos.

His hair is in a pony tail. 

“You some rich bitch coming down here to get fucked by the local boys.”

“No thats not…” 

WHAAACK.   Mandy takes a slap to the head.

“You call me SIR and talk when I tell you.”  “You hear;”


“This is what I think of you rich sluts.”

Jake spits in Mandys face.

“Lick it up and swallow it.”  “Thats it, swallow my spit you little tramp.”

“What's with the condoms? You dont like my boys cum.”

“Dad she cleaned them all up.  She loved our cum.  She swallowed it all”


“She said the school gives her the condoms.”

“YOU ARE A SLUT”  “Say it.”

“I am a slut.” 



Your school gives you condoms so you can slut around.

You bitches just go to school to fuck, not good for anything else.

Jake dragged Mandy into the washroom pulled down his pants and shorts.

Mandy was amazed at the size, quite large for a white man.

She wanted to say, take me, fuck me but she knew that would ruin it.

Instead she pleaded for him to stop.  She knew if she went along with the rape scenario he would be that much hotter.

Jake pushed Mandy to her knees, bent her over with her head in the toilet bowl just out of the water.

Ok boys, take a piss.  Dave and his friends looked puzzled.  Jake turned Mandys head so the boys could see her face.  I said piss on this homely sluts head.  He pushed her head back down. 

“Keep your head down or will push it down and drown you.”

Dave started a long stream of piss on Mandys head.  The piss splashed on her head, dripping down her hair and into the toilet bowl.

“Thats my boy, thats how you treat these rich private school college sluts.”

Jake pushed his cock into Mandys pussy.  He slowly fucked her.

“Damm, got to admit, one fine pussy for a homely college bitch.”

Mandy wanted to scream out, begging him to fuck her harder but instead cried for him to stop.  This was about the hottest sex she ever had.  She was being raped by this brute guy while his son and friends pissed on her head. Jake had her ass cheeks in his powerful hands while he pummeled her pussy. As Dave finished pissing on her, each of his friends took turn.

The streams of piss ran down her stringy bitch hair.

“Yea, fuck her Dad, fucking piss faced whore.”

Jake took her by the hair and pushed her head down into the toilet water.

Mandy thrashed around to no avail. He held her down until she almost passed out, letting her up to gasp for air.  Jake yelled as his cum filled Mandy.   Mandy trembled with an intensity she had never felt.  Almost losing consciousness while being fucked by this brute was intoxicating. This was a night to remember.

Ok, Bitch, lube up your ass hole.  Mike made Mandy lay on her back as he bent he like a pretzel with her ankles next to her head.  Mandy fingered her pussy and then began to finger her asshole with her lubed up fingers.  The guys watched as Mandy fully exposed began to stretch out her ass.  Mandy begged them to stop but she couldnt wait.  She could not wait for the ass fucking to start.

To Be Continued

Review This Story || Author: bigbobby.
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