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The LAW Student

Part 2

(Mandy a third year law student at an Eastern School meets Mike a local guy at a bar.  She begins a foot massage and then blows him as they head over to his house.  Very forward she tells him she cant get enough sex.  After a three way including two of Mikes friends, Jake, Mikes dad comes home.  He fucks her while the boys piss on her head in toilet.  Her head is pushed in the toilet.  Then she is made to lube up her ass getting ready for the next step)

“Mike hold her legs back.”  Mike took hold of Mandys legs pinning them over her head like a gymnast.  Her butt was us in the air in full view.  Jake opposite Mike slapped her ass back and forth.  “Warm up that chubby ass of yours for some hard fucking, some hard ass fucking.”  He slapped her pussy.  Then he pushed a finger in her asshole.  “HMMMM” seems ready for some fucking.

Jake started to edge his cock into her asshole.  “NOOOOO “screamed Mandy, but she wanted it, bad.  “OH fuck my bitch ass.”  She thought.  This big brute, strong, tattoos, pony tail, very hard ass was going to ass fuck her.  “OHHH Fuck Me hard like the slut I am.

Jake teased her ass with his rock hard solid cock. He slapped her ass again.  “I am gonna fuck your ass now bitch.” He grabbed her chunky thighs just underneath her knees and leaned forward.  “Mike, I got her legs, slap that slut face around. “  Mike, looking straight down, teased her a little with his hand and then slapped Mandys face.  One side and then the other.  Not too hard but hard enough to get her attention.  He held his hand by her face and feigned a slap.  She winced and Mike laughed, and then slapped her for real. At the same time Jake leaned forward jamming his cock deep into her ass taking her by surprise. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHKKK” Mandy screamed in real pain.

Jake took up a hard steady stroke, ass fucking the slut.  Jake and Mike smiled at each other.  “Thats a team.”  “Dad, fucks her hard, ram her, fuck her.”  Dave and Terry watching started to chant.

“Fuck Her. Fuck Her. Fuck Her. Fuck Her.”

There was laughter all around as Jake was starting to loosen her up and get a rhythm.

“Oh, that is so deep, so hard, it hurts so much but AHHHH”.

Mike held Mandys hair, slapping her face and then her head back and forth.

“Dad fuck her harder, harder, fuck the fucking slut.”

Mandy was no longer Mikes date.   She was his fuck pig.  His Dads fuck pig.

Mike screamed in Mandys face.  “PIG, FUCKING PIG, SLUT, TAKE IT SLUT.”

“I am a PIG. A Slut. Fuck me. Use me.”

Jake held her thighs tight putting his full weight into the ass fucking as he plunged his dick into her.

He took one hand off her thighs and reached over and slapped her pussy.  Then he slapped her ass again and again until it was red.

Jake relished fucking the Law student with help from his son. These college bitches had it coming.  They think they are such big shit with their big ideas. Finally he stopped.  His cock was throbbing obviously ready to cum. 

“Mike, see this is how you treat these bitches. This is how I fucked your Mom.

Mandy couldnt control herself anymore.  She couldnt pretend not to want it any more.  His powerful grip held her.  She could see his strong muscled body.  His cock throbbed deep inside her.

“Oh fuck Me, fuck me, finish it.”  Cried Mandy, unable to hold in her thoughts.

Jake laughed hard.  “See I told you she was a slut.”

Mike was surprised by his Dads comment about fucking his mom.  He had thoughts about her but always pushed them away.  Now all the pent up lust for his mom came forward.  As Mandy was taking it in the ass Mike kept seeing his mom.

”Dad, the slut likes it.  Just like mom liked it.”  Jake laughed.  “Yea she did.

Jake screamed and shot his load in Mandys ass.  “Fuck yea, OH fuck.”  He pushed as hard and deep as he could.    He pulled his cock out covered with her shit and his cum.

“Nothing I like better after a good fuck is to take a good a good shit and get some head while I sit.”

Jake sat on the toilet.  “Get over here you cock loving slut and start sucking.  Mandy crawled over on her knees and started to blow Jake while he sat on the John.

“Clean that cock and swallow it down.”  Jake began to fart and then dropped a load into the toilet bowl.

Mandys started to feel ill: Jakes dirty cock, smelling his shit and listening to him fart.  The terrible smell drifted up.  Swallowing the shit and cum and smelling his crap overcame Mandy as she barfed up a scum load of vomit. Her ribs heave as the scum heaved out her mouth and even her nose.

“Fucking Pig, worthless piece of shit, clean that up.”  Jake made her lick up whatever was on his leg.

Then suddenly she felt a cock in her ass.  “Fuck her son, Fuck her hard, Slap her ass.”

Mandy was stuck between father and son.  Sucking the Dad while he sat on the toilet and being fucked in the ass by the son.

“Mikey, that away boy, just like the old man, fuck that ass.”  Jake grabbed Mandy by the hair and jammed his large member down her throat as far as he could.  This was no longer so much fun for Mandy.  It was becoming a life or death face fuck as she could barely breathe.  His cock was down her throat and her nose was still plugged with vomit.  Mike slapped her ass while he screwed her.  All he could imagine was it was his mom.   He was so hard, he was more excited than ever.

Mandy was on the verge of passing out.  She felt so sick, she was sweating but her skin was clammy cold.  It seemed her death could be near. She tried to struggle but the men were too strong. Double fucked by dad and son, could this be how it ends for her.  Mike was trying to out do his dad.  He was jamming his dick as hard as he could while Jake fucked her mouth.  Ready to pass out the last thing she remembered was feeling Jakes cum blocking her throat.

Mandy collapsed.  She was choking and gasping but finally came to, convulsing, gasping for breath.

Cum was running out her ass from Mikes ass fucking. Puke and cum were running from her mouth.

“Hey sweetie, having a good time.  Thought this would be some fun, like one of your fantasies?”

“Rich bitch thought she could have some rough fun with the locals?”

“SIR, Please Sir, I had enough.  I am sorry.  Please let me go.”

“Go straight to the police?”

“NO SIR never, I couldnt tell anyone what happened.”  Mandy could barely talk.

Choking, crying she begged for her life.

Mikes friends had watch, unable to almost believe what was happening.  As Mandy begged for her life they jacked off on her face.  Crying  “I cant take any more, please stop, let me go!”

“Pathetic slobbering Bitch.” Yelled Mike.

“Ok, time to get rid of her.”  ordered Jake.

He dragged Mandy out to the garage followed by Mike and his two friends.  They hogtied Mandy. The ropes bit cruelly into her ankles and wrists. Then they gagged her with a rag and tied it into place with a rope.

Jake looked her in the eye.  “You are going into the river.  I am gonna kill you.”

He could see the terror in her eye.  He was hard as rock and wanted to fuck her again but time was short. “I otta fuck your ass again but I am short of time.”

Jake blindfolded Mandy with a rag and another rope around her head.

Jake pulled out a tarp and they wrapped Mandy inside.

“OK  This is the end for you.  It is time to dump your worthless ass in the river.”

Mandy was in a complete panic.  She struggled, tried to yell but could do nothing.  They threw her into the trunk and drove off.  Mandy bounce around in the trunk, completely helpless.  How did this happen?  Why did I go home with this guy.  This is crazy.  This cannot be happening.

The ride seemed to last forever as Mandy bounced in the trunk. Hogtied, blindfolded, gagged she held little hope.

Finally the car came to a halt.  They pulled out the tarp and dumped Mandy on the ground.  She was still blindfolded as they unwrapped her.  “OK bitch.  Time for the slut to go swimming.  It was a nice fuck but time for you to go.”  Mandy could only gurgle and try to twist as they picked her up and swung her back and forth.  “Bye bye Bitch.”


Mandy hit the water and then the ground.  “What is happening, where am I.”

Mandy realized she was in shallow water.  Actually it was a shallow puddle in an alley.

The guys were laughing out of control.  They walked around her kicking her lightly, pushing and prodding.  “Fucking slut,wallow in the mud where you belong. 

Fucking Pig in the mud.”

Jake pulled off her blindfold.   Mandy could see the guys standing over her.  She was in a puddle in a dark alley.  The guys were laughing almost hysterical.

“We should have drowned you, worthless Bitch.”  If you go to the cops, we wont mess around the next time.

“I should leave you her for the Brothers.”  “You would probably like that black cock but they wouldnt be nice to you like us.”  Jake took his knife and put it to her throat.  “This is what you will get if you talk.”

He slapped her hard across the face.  “That is so you remember what I said.”

Then he moved the knife over to her hands and cut them free.  You can untie your feet.  Mike took her clothes out of the trunk and threw them in the mud. They got in the car and spun out spraying the pathetic bitch with gravel.

Mandy grabbed her clothes and pulled herself out of the water.  Her hands were free but she had to struggle to untie her legs. The knots were tight with the water and it was hard for her to see.  She sat in the alley, wet, covered in cum and shit, coated with mud trying to get her legs free.

Mandy heard two cars pull into the alley.  Scared for her life because of the “HOOD” they left her she crawled into weeds to hide. She was in terror as she two groups of gangbangers got out of their cars.


Panic overcame Mandy as she huddled hiding in the weeds.  If they found her….

(To Be Continued)

Review This Story || Author: bigbobby.
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