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The LAW Student

Part 3

(Mandy a third year law student at an Eastern School meets Mike a local guy at a bar.  She begins a foot massage and then blows him as they head over to his house.  Very forward she tells him she cant get enough sex.  After a three way including two of Mikes friends, Jake, Mikes dad comes home.  He fucks her while the boys piss on her head in toilet.  Her head is pushed in the toilet.  Then she is made to lube up her ass getting ready for the next step)

(Jake continues his attack which turns into a brutal ass rape.  Jake tells his son Mike that this reminds him of Mikes Mom.  Jake then forced Mandy to blow him on the John where she almost choked to death. They took Mandy for a ride in their car trunk threatening to drown her only to dump her in an alley puddle and leave her.  Mandy heard two cars of gangbangers arrive in the alley, fearing she will be found)

Ready to pass out, Mandy screamed as the hard black cock slammed in to her ass.  Surrounded by black thugs in the basement she was kneeling on a stack of pallets.  Her ankles and wrists were tied to the pallet and the brutal black thug was standing behind her violent fucking her ass.  Everywhere around her she saw black thugs taunting her.  Screaming at her.  Laughing.

Yelling in her face. White Hoe. Die Bitch. PIG.TRASH.

It had been complete savagery since they found her hiding in the weeds in the alley.

Her face was beet red from being slapped.  Her hair dripped with cum and piss.  Her ass tits and much of the rest of her body was raw from a viscous belt whipping. 

Mandy was past crying or begging.  There was only a guttural moaning.  A death moan.

Mandy felt the electric cord around her neck.  The thug fucking her ass was choking her with the cord.

Dat what Im talkin bout.  Do dat fuking hoe.  Choke her.

Yo gonna die bitch while I fuck dat ass of yos.

Die Bitch. Die Bitch. Die Bitch.

As the life was being choke out of her the thug fucked her harder and harder.

Mandy could see the dog of her childhood running toward her.  “Boomer, Boomer she called.”

He approached her, with a puzzled  look.  “Boomer, Good Boy, Good Boy.”

AGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH : Mandy screamed her last sounds.

Mandy woke up in her bed soaked in sweat.  Her heart was pounding.  She was all wet. 

Wet down there.  What a nightmare. What an orgasm.  She could not remember going home.

The evening was a daze, bits and pieces. Gradually she shook off the haze of the gangbang

nightmare and remembered what actually happened after she had been dumped in the alley.

Mandy had lain still in the weeds and brush as the two cars unloaded.  Four gangbangers got out of each car. Mandy strained to hear what they were talking about.

Listening she thought. Wish they would get the shit out of their mouth. 

The only thing Mandy could understand was Mutha fucker this and that.

The gangbangers stood around laughing and joking for what Mandy thought was a life time until another car pulled into the alley.  Two more guys got out and opened the trunk of their car.  Mandy heard a thud as something hit the ground.  She took a look and saw it was a man bound, gagged and blind folded.  When one of the bangers pulled off the mans blindfold, Mandy could make out a younger Hispanic male. 

Yo fuckin Mexican punk.  Watch yu doin round our turf?  The poor man could only grunt.

Suddenly he was kicked in the back, then the side.  All the black thugs started to kick him from every side.  Stomp dat MF. MF.  They continued until he was barely moving.  His moans had gotten weaker and weaker. Then one of the thugs took out a bat from the trunk.

Mandy looked away.  Shortly she saw them carry the body and throw it in a dumpster.  One of the thugs came over near where Mandy was hiding to take a piss.  She could hear the splashing only a short distance.  Mandy was in total terror of being found.

The thugs slowly got in their cars and drove off.  Mandy threw up, she was in shock.  The next thing she could remember is waking up from the dream of being caught and killed by the Gangsta thugs in the alley.  Somehow she had managed to get home after the thugs had left but she had no memory.


Jake, Mike and his friends drove home reliving their fantastic evening.  They stopped for pizza and beer and then headed for Jake and Mikes house.  They were higher than a kite, completely jacked up. There is nothing like a good rape gangbang to get a good appetite going. 

She was one pretty good fuck for a homely bitch.  Got that right.

Dad, best part when she fuckin threw up, almost gagged to death.

Yea, fuckin slut got it good.  How about when she thought she was going to drown.

Everyone laughed as they recounted their favorite parts of the night fucking the Law School bitch.

After the beer and pizza and lots of good laughs, Mikes friends left leaving Jake and his son.

Dad, tell me about Mom.  Jake looked at Mike and smiled.  Mike she was a good fuck.

Once we decided not to have more kids it was easy.  I just ass and mouth fucked her.   

Jake could tell Mike was really excited.

Mike I got an old movie, would you like to see it?

A sex tape with MOM?   “Yea Mike it is pretty hot.”

Jake brought out a box, a large box of VHS tapes.  Dad, those are all tapes of you and Mom?

Yea Mike, when you were gone for the night we would  go wild.

The first tape started with Mikes Mom doing a slow strip.  Mike was so excited, so hard he couldnt believe what he was watching.  Quickly the movie scene changed.


Mandy could only remember part of her nightmare.  She did remember the intense orgasm she had.

Completely shaken, she tried to sort out the evening events.  Mandy was experiencing many emotions.

The fear and terror of her close calls and the same time an intense excitement.  She had two needs, a good fuck and breakfast.  Dressed quickly Mandy headed out to an alley checking out the dumpsters.

There was so much food being wasted, it is a crime.  She was so hungry when she climbed in the dumpster behind a Bagel shop she couldnt wait to get home.  She wolfed down a blueberry bagel.  It was a good search as she found some nice muffins as well as bagels.

It was time to get ready for school.  A good fuck would have to wait.  As she collected her thoughts she realized how beat up she was.  There were so many aches and pains: cuts and bruises.  After dressing to cover as much of the damage as she could she headed off to class.

School was a big pain in the ass.  Mandy had been interested in womens issue but that had passed.  Now she was stuck.   She was stuck in a class of dick haters and pussy eaters.  Before class she offered bagels and muffins to some of her classmates.  She got a real kick out watching these rich  bitches eating dumpster food.  LOL.  If they only knew.

As the lecture began her mind quickly drifted.  She began to remember her fantasy/nightmare.  The thugs had found her hiding in the alley.  She had been hogtied and thrown in the same trunk the dead Mexican had been carried.  Then her thoughts turned to her real gangbang with Jake and Mike and the boys.  She was so excited she wanted to scream. 

But there was this constant BITCH drivel in the class.

What a bunch of spoiled whining bitches.  A good gangbang would do them all some good, a little attitude adjustment.  Seemingly the class would never end but finally relief and out the door.


Mike watched, entranced at Jakes sex tape with his Mom.  Watching her strip he was hard as a rock.  Mike began to squirm as his Mom got down on her knees sucking his Dads cock.  Suck my cock you worthless bitch.  His Dad had her hair in his hands and was fucking her face.   Mike couldnt take it any longer and took his dick out and started to jack off.  He looked over at his Dad smiling with his dick in his hand.

The video was better and better as his Dad had rammed his cock in his mothers mouth.  Mike yelled out as he finally came.  Take it you fucking Bitch.  Yes she did as Jakes cum spewed all over her face and hair and she wiped it up and swallowed as much as she could.   Fucking awesome Dad.  Can we watch the others some time.  You bet Mike. You Bet.  Jake smiled broadly as Mike left.  The memory of Mike jacking off while watch him fuck his mom was etched in his mind(and on hidden camera.)


Mandy left class in a hurry as she had an hour or so before work at the crisis center.  Her route brought her to a fav coffee shop.  She sat down waiting finally catching the eye of an IT type.  She looked over to the aisle where the bathroomare and taking her hint he headed that way.  He went into the Mens room and she followed.

Easy as fishing in a barrel, for sure.  This was lunch time quickie.  No time for any nicities.  Mandy gave the guy a condom, one of the freebies from the school.  She had her sweat pants down and undies off, and jumped up on the sink basin.   Slop slop slop  he was fucking her hard in no time. 

Shit yea, pound it, pound my pussy. 

The bathroom door was open and in a moment there was a small crowd of guys around the pair.  Soon there were hands on her breasts, guys kissing her. 

The IT guy kept on, fucking her harder with chants from the crowd.  

Fuck Her. Fuck Her. Fuck her harder.

The crowd was foaming.  Finally he screamed cumming into his condom.  To the delight of the crowd Mandy took the condom and sucked down the cum. 

Ok my turn, yelled another guy.  Sorry guys, gotta go.

Mandy quickly got her pants up and started making her way out to the displeasure of the guys. 

Fucking Whore, where you going.  We got more cock for you  Bitch.  Prick Tease

Hands grabbed and slapped her but she finally broke free outside.  As Mandy made her way to her job at the crisis center she was flushed with excitement.  Her needs were fulfilled for the moment.  Got  to come back again when I can stay.


Mikes heart was still racing as he drove home after watching  the sex tape of his mom with Jake.

Cell phone in hand. 

Hello, Mom.  Hi Mike, good to hear from you.  Mom thought I could drop

by tomorrow morning.

Review This Story || Author: bigbobby.
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