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The Mansion

Chapter 9 The Reverend’s Revenge


By Mad Dog

Chapter 9, The Reverendís Revenge

The Reverend hated white women. As a young man he had lived with his single
mother on an estate in Atlanta, Georgia. She had been a servant and heíd
been the servantís child. The owner of the estate had three blonde daughters
who took great pleasure in teasing the large black boy. Theyíd entice him
playfully only to run off with their rich white boyfriends. Even in school,
he had attended a mostly white school and all the white women ignored him.
The one time heíd worked up the courage to ask one out, sheíd laughed in his
face and told him she was too good for a nigger. Over the years the hatred
had grown.

Now he had been handed two young blondes to use as he wished and he could
not believe his good fortune. They would pay for all the years of hurt. He
watched their slender legs as they led him to his room. He looked around the
giant room, his eyes settling on a slender black woman in a maidís uniform
made up of a short black skirt with an apron over it. The only thing
covering firm 34B breasts was the bib of the apron. She was 5í 8" tall and
she looked incredibly fit with muscles well defined in her arms and legs.
The maid introduced herself, "Iím Louise, the maid for your room. A new maid
will be assigned every day. If any of us displease you, we will be
 replaced." The Reverend considered asking for another young blond but
stopped himself as the thought of having a black woman help him punish the
young white bitches appealed to him. "Iím going to hurt this pretty white
meat. Will you help, cunt?" The black nodded, "Anything to please you, sir."
Relief showed on her face that he hadnít suggested sheíd be tortured.

On the other hand, the two blondes looked very worried. He walked behind the
small 15-year old school girl and reached under her skirt. He plowed his
middle finger hard into her miniscule ass hole. "AAAAHHHHH!" exclaimed the
small girl, her face screwed up in pain. "Whatís your name, cunt!" The young
girl grunted, "Ungh, Tina, Sir!" The Reverend sawed his finger in and out,
"Ever had black cock before?" Tina shook her head clenching her teeth
against the discomfort of the finger in her young ass. "I didnít think so.
Well your going to get all you can handle today and I donít think youíre
going to like it!"

He removed his finger and walked in front of the older blond. He grabbed the
deep V of the cotton top and pulled the neck wider open, tearing the front
of the tennis top open, exposing the perfectly formed breasts of the
17-year-old. He wrapped his large hands around each breast and squeezed,
twisting as he crushed the tits in his muscled hands. "OOOOWWWW!" the blonde
cried. "Whatís your name, white meat?" He asked as he twisted again. "OW!
JULIE SIR! OW!"  He smiled at her discomfort, "You ever taken black cock?"
She shook her head no. The Reverend released the tits.

The Reverend seated himself in a comfortable chair and instructed, "Louise,
put some music on. Julie, I want you to dance for me. You better make it
really hot or Iíll whip that nice round ass of yours."
Louise pushed a button on a stereo system and a slow instrumental piece
filled the room. Julie started to swing her shapely ass to the music. Her
firm young tits swaying openly as the torn blouse gaped. She rubbed her
hands over her tits rubbing them until they grew stiff. One hand pulled up
on her short skirt and she rubbed her light pubic hair. Slowly she ran her
middle finger between her cunt lips and ran her fingertip around her clit.
Her breath shuddered as she rubbed her clit to erection. She slowly inserted
her finger into her tight cunt. She tried to forget the large black man
watching her and concentrate on the stirrings in her cunt.

She started a slow pumping motion with her finger. Her breath started to
come rapidly as she continued the finger fuck. As the song wound down, she
fell to her knees and pumped her cunt as fast as she could, her cunt spasmed
as her pussy leaked fluid. Finally, her whole body shook in orgasm. As she
regained her control, she heard the Reverend mockingly clapping. Her face
burned with embarrassment.

The Reverendís cock had swollen to full hardness watching the young blond
debase herself in front of him. "Come over here and suck my cock." Julie
arose and knelt in front of the Reverend. She took the thick cock into her
hands. She started licking the head, wrapping her tongue around it. She
opened her mouth wide and slid her mouth over the dark head. She started a
gentle suction on the cock and started pushing it deeper into her mouth. She
bobbed her head up and down on the end of his cock. The Reverend put his
hand behind her head and started pressing on the back of her head. The young
blond started gagging as the fat cock stretched her throat. The pressure
drove her face into the black pubes. He held her head as gurgling sounds
started to come from her mouth.

Finally he lifted his hand and Julie rapidly lifted her head off the cock
pulling the cock from her throat, coughing and gasping for breath. The
Reverend pressed down again, her eyes widened as the pain returned to her
throat. The Reverend punished her throat for several more minutes and
finally let her pull her mouth off his cock. The beautiful blond clutched at
her throat, coughing.

The Reverend got up and walked over to the tiny blond. "Open up your
 blouse." He ordered. The small girl started opening the buttons on her
blouse. The Reverend reached into her blouse and clutched a tiny tit between
his fingers. Gripping hard, he started lifting on her tits. "OWWWWWWW!"
cried the small girl as her tiny tits supported more of her weight. The
Reverend pulled up until Tina was standing on her tiptoes. "OOOOOWWWW!
PLEASE STOP! PLLLEEEAAASE!" she begged. The Reverend let go of her small
breasts and Tina cupped them in her tiny hands, weeping.

The Reverend ordered, "Get undressed and get up on that!" as he pointed to a
metal table in the punishment area of the room. Tina removed the see through
top and wiggled out of the short skirt. She climbed up on the cold metal
table. "Lie on your back!" he ordered. She lay down, goose bumps forming as
she reclined on the cold metal. The Reverend walked to the head of the table
and took a pigtail in each hand and pulled her up the table until her head
was unsupported by the table. He then pushed her head so it hung down over
the edge.

"Open your mouth!" Tina opened her mouth and the Reverend put his fat cock
head against it. She opened her jaw as far as it would go, afraid of the
black manís response if she didnít. The Reverend steadily pushed his cock
into her, brutally stretching her small throat. Her tiny body thrashed as
she choked and gagged on the fat cock. The Reverend took a couple of short
strokes and pulled back long enough for her to take a sputtering breath and
drove back in. He kept this up for several minutes. Saliva ran out of the
young girlís mouth as she choked uncontrollably, her throat aching. Finally,
he removed his cock and Tina coughed heavily, curling into a ball and
clutching her throat. The Reverend looked down smiling, "Hard to take all
that black cock, isnít it, cunt!"

The Reverend laid back on the bed, "Julie," he ordered, "come put that white
pussy of yours on my cock." Julie climbed on the bed and knelt over the
black man. She lined his cock head up with her pussy and pushed down. His
cock wasnít as large as the Masterís but it was big enough to cause her to
gasp in discomfort even though her cunt was still lubricated from her
masturbating dance. Slowly, she stretched her cunt down the full length and
started a slow rhythmic fuck.

The Reverend slapped her tit, "AAAHHH!" she cried as he slapped the other
one. "AAAHHH!" she cried again. "You better speed up or Iíll beat your tits
of your chest!" Julie picked up her pace. He slapped her tit again.
"OOOOOWWWW!" Rapidly, he slapped the other, "OOOOWWWWW!" "Faster!" the
Reverend spat. Julie rapidly thrust her cunt up and down. Her tits bounced
as she fucked as fast as her legs could move her. After several minutes, she
was covered with sweat from the effort, her cunt ached from the brutal
pummeling she was inflicting on herself. "Stop!" the Reverend ordered. She
pulled the fat cock from her cunt.

The Reverend got off the bed and walked over to Tina. He ordered her to bend
over the metal table. He reached down and roughly shoved two fingers into
her cunt. "UUUUNNNGGGHH" she grunted as her tiny cunt stretched. "How many
times has that little cunt been fucked? He asked twisting his fingers in her
cunt. "UNGH, just once, UNGH, just the Master, UNGH!" she answered. "How did
it feel?" he asked thrusting in and out. "OW! It hurt. OW! He tore me. OW!
They had to sew OW! My cunt and ass OW! Up." She gasped.  "How do you think
my cock will feel." He asked as he forced a third finger in. "AAGGHHH! Itíll
hurt so much! AAAGGGHHH!"

The Reverend held his cock head against her tiny cunt, "I think your right!"
he shoved forward hard into her cunt. The fat head popped and inch into her
cunt, "AAAAGGHHHHH!" She cried out as her teenage cunt was stretched. "You
want me to whip your little tits and cunt?" he asked. "OHHHH! NO!" she
cried. "Then you better push your little white cunt onto my cock. Louise,
get me a whip in case she doesnít do it right."

The little teenager started leaning back, crying through gritted teeth as
each fraction of and inch took the pain deeper in her cunt. As she was about
half way, Louise handed a short multi-stranded flogger to the Reverend. He
slashed it down on her back, "AAAAAYYYIIIEEE!" She screamed, her cunt
grasping on his cock. "I want a fuck and I want it now!" He swung again
eliciting another scream. "PLEASE STOP!" Tina cried pushing back hard.
"OWWWWEEEE!" She cried as the remainder of the cock stretched the tiny cunt.

The tiny girl pushed back and forward on the fat cock, her cunt getting raw
from the thrusting. Her breaths started coming in sobs. The Reverend stared
in joy at the tiny cunt lips stretched impossibly around his cock. He loved
that the white cunt was forcing herself on him. "Julie, lean over the table
beside her." Julie got up and bent over beside the tiny 15-year-old.

The Reverend pulled his cock out of the tiny cunt, disappointed to not see
blood on it. He moved behind Julie, "Louise, get me some lubricant, I want
to fuck some ass!" Julie looked over her shoulder in terror, "Please no! You
íre too big! Please, fuck my cunt!" Louise bent at the Reverendís side and
rubbed oil onto his cock.

The Reverend placed his cock against the tiny butt-hole. He leaned in as the
tight sphincter stretched as his head started to slide in, he grabbed the
hips and pushed forward with all his might. Six inches of his cock plunged
into the ass. "AAAAYYYYIIIEEEE!" her scream rang out. Her asshole throbbed
with pain. The Reverend pulled back and thrust deeper as more screams filled
the room. After three more thrusts, he was driving the full length of his
cock in and out of the perfectly shaped teenage as. Julie screamed on each
inward thrust. After several minutes, he pulled his cock out. The asshole
gaped open even after he removed his cock.

"Louise, lick it clean and relubricate it." Louise knelt and started licking
his shit covered cock. She choked and gagged as she tried not to cough up.
As she finished she got the vial of oil and rubbed it into his cock. The
Reverend turned to Tinaís upturned ass. He thrust a finger into her ass
causing her to grunt. Pulling it out he centered his cock on the tiny hole.
He pushed with all his might but all he could do was make the sphincter
stretch. Tinaís eyes were wide with pain as the butt hole stretched.

The Reverend gripped either side of the small butt and pulled harder. The
tiny sphincter stretched more and finally gave way. "AAAAAAHHHHHH! YYYOOOUUU
íRREEE TEEEAAAARRRRIINNNGG MEEEEE!"  the teenager cried as she felt
millimeter after millimeter of her ass give way as the Reverend sweated with
the effort. It took several tries and many screams to totally bury his cock.
He bent over her resting as she cried loudly from the incredible agony in
her tight ass.

He started thrusting in and out in four to five inch thrusts. Tina wailed
loudly as she felt her ass rip more and more. Finally, the Reverend thrust
in deeply and shot a huge load up the tiny ass. He pulled his cock out of
her ass, pleased at the streaks of blood on his cock.

He turned to Louise and pointed to his cock. She took to the task of
cleaning the filthy cock with her tongue. She tried to ignore the bitter
taste and swallowed the shit. The Reverend took a handful of her thick black
hair and tilted her head up. "You want to get used like that?" The beautiful
black looked at the gaping assholes and shook her head. "Iím going to sit
over there and I want you to punish these white bitches. If you do it well
enough I wonít hurt you." The black nodded.

The black led Julie to the punishment area and chained her hands over her
head. She took a thin buggy whip down and stood to one side and snapped
across the beautiful fair-skinned ass. An immediate high-pitched scream
filled the room and a dark red line formed across the shapely butt.  Louise
let rip with another slash across the ass. Julie thrashed in the chains as
her scream increased. Louise expertly laid stripe after stripe, moving down
the buttocks and the back of her legs.

Louise was breathing heavily as she approached Tina. The little girl turned
to run but Louise caught her by one of her pigtails and dragged her to the
punishment area. Overpowering the smaller girl easily, Louise shackled her
hand over her head. "Please no! Fuck my ass! Rip it more! Please donít whip
me!" Louise took the buggy whip and laid the first stripe across her ass.
"AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH" the scream choked off further words. One after another,
stripes were laid down the small ass and slender legs. After the last
stroke, it took several seconds for the writhing of the young body to stop.

Louise paused to catch her breath and returned to Julie. She lined up and
laid a stripe a few inches above her knees and started the screams again.
Slowly, she worked the stripes up her legs. When she laid a stroked across
the pussy mound, Julieís scream was ear shattering and she thrashed wildly
in the chains.

Louise moved over to Tina again. Realizing she would get the same treatment,
the young girl started screaming before the first blow. When the first
stroke hit her legs, the screams increased. Again the stripes worked their
way up the pail skin until a welt was drawn across the tiny pussy mound. The
young legs thrashed around in agony.

Louise returned to Julie. Julie looked down in horror realizing her perfect
tits would be next. She was not disappointed, the whip crashed down on the
top of her tits. Her voice crackled as the scream ripped from her. As the
next stroke across her nipples caused a loud scream that ended with the
young head dropping forward, barely conscious.

Tina twisted, trying to protect her tiny tits. Expertly, Louise slashed down
on the tops of the two tiny tits. The twisting stopped as the small body
arched in a loud scream. As it started to die, it increased again as the
whip crashed down on the small nipples. Finally the scream died down as her
head fell forward whimpering.

Louise unchained each girl in turn. She carried each to a punishment table
and tied their upper bodies to the table. Spreader bars were attached to
their ankles and pulled up to the ceiling so their legs were pointing upward
in a "V". She broke a capsule under the nose of both bringing them to a
pain-filled consciousness.

She stood between the two blondes and placed 3 fingers from her right hand
in Tinaís cunt and 3 fingers from her left in Julie. The two blondes grunted
in discomfort as she twisted them around in their cunts. The grunts turned
to cries as a fourth finger stretched each cunt. Twisting her hand through
90 degrees, Louise stretched the young cunts. As the cries decreased to some
degree, she wrapped her hands around her thumbs and pushed forward. It was
incredibly hard work but both cunts gave way and the hands plunged in. The
screams were pitiful as the hands worked deeper in the cunts. As her hands
were deeply swallowed by the young vaginas, Louise curled her hands into
fists. The added width tore both cunts and screams filled the room. She
started rocking her hands back and forth.

Not able to control himself anymore, the Reverend stepped up behind Louise
who was bent forward in her fist fucking duties. He lined his cock up with
her dark ass-hole and thrust it in hard. Louise cried out and jerked back on
her fists almost pulling them out. She immediately thrust them back in
deeply, recognizing that the only relief for her tight ass was to make the
Reverend come. Torturing the blond cunts would speed that. As she grunted
and gasped at the painful butt-fuck, she redoubled her efforts to pound the

The three womenís screams filled the room for the 10 minutes it took the
Reverend to come. He pulled his cock from Louiseís ass and she kept her
fists closed as she removed them from the blonde cunts. Her hands and arms
were streaked with blood and it leaked from the cunts and Tinaís ass.

The Reverend lay down and fell into a satisfied sleep.

Review This Story || Author: Mad Dog
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