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Review This Story || Author: Mad Dog

The Mansion

Chapter 10 Little Holes, Huge Cock


By Mad Dog

Chapter 10: Little Holes, Huge Cock

The tiny teenagers led the Senator to his room. They looked toy-like near
his giant frame. They were terrified, as they had seen the pain the Senator’
s cock had caused the larger experienced Veronica. They knew his huge cock
was going to tear them badly. The only thing that scared them more was the
fear of being punished by the Master. So, resigned to their painful fate,
they walked down the hall.

As they entered the large room, a 26-year-old Philippine woman in a skimpy
maid’s outfit greeted them. She was 5 feet tall with well-rounded hips and a
small but well formed breasts. Her straight black hair was cut just above
her shoulders. The maid’s uniform was a short dress of see through material
that allowed a clear view of her pert breasts and shapely ass. A short white
apron covered her pussy mound. The small woman’s eyes opened wider as she
took in the Senator’s huge frame.

"I’m Consuelo, the maid for this room. We are changed daily. Feel free to
request a new maid if any of us displease you, Sir." the maid announced
bowing to the tall man. He eyed the small woman and thought about asking for
a younger one but he was attracted to her obvious subservience and small

"How long have you been here!" he asked. "10 years, Sir." she responded
without looking up. He reached below her short dress and rammed three fat
fingers into her dry cunt. She winced and grunted in pain but spread her
legs slightly and pushed down on the fingers. "Not a very tight cunt for
such a small woman" remarked the Senator. "Unnggh No, Sir, unghh I have born
ungghh 2 female children for the Master unggh" she answered, her cunt
getting raw from the twisting fat fingers.

The Senator pulled his fingers from her cunt and walked behind her.
Anticipating his next move, the short maid leaned forward to give him better
access to her ass. The Senator took 2 fingers and forced them into the
little ass. The little maid gasped from the stretching pain. Her faced
twisted in discomfort but she forced her ass back on the punishing fingers.
"That’s better!" the Senator announced, jabbing his fingers in and out. The
small woman grunted as the pain caused tears to form in her eyes.

His whole life, women had been afraid of the Senator. His huge size meant
most women stayed away from him. His huge cock immediately scared off any
that considered having sex with him. He even had trouble finding prostitutes
that would let him fuck them. When he finally found a woman that would marry
him, she was a large woman and even she insisted he fuck slowly and
carefully. He always lusted after tight young pussy that he could ram as
hard as he could.

His cock was so hard it was almost hurt as he thought about the tiny cunts
at his disposal. "You’ll do. You can help with these less experienced cunts.
Get undressed." Consuelo nodded and the two young girls shivered notably as
the maid disrobed.

He walked over to the mousy brunette in the cheerleader’s outfit. He grabbed
her see through top by the neck and ripped it off in one yank. He grabbed
the large nipples that covered most of her small breasts and squeezed them
hard. "OOOOWWW" the girl cried, lifting one leg in pain. The Senator let up,
"What’s your name, sweetie?" The tiny girl looked up and spoke through
trembling lips, "Sherrie."

He walked over to the doll like oriental girl.  "What’s your name?" The
terrified teen looked up, "Thiu, Sir." The Senator reached under the flap of
her silk dress to insert 2 fingers in her cunt but the tiny girl pulled her
legs together and turned to one side, clutching her hands against her pussy.
"Poor choice, sweetie, now I’ll have to punish you after I fuck you."

Consuelo spoke up, "Sir, these girls are so small, I suggest you punish them
first, they’re so small they might tear badly enough to need immediate
medical attention." The Senator shrugged, "How about you take care of that,
sweetie. I’ll watch."

The maid nodded and led Sherrie over to the punishment area and removed the
short pleated skirt. She chained the girl’s hands over her head. She
returned to get Thiu but as she grabbed the tiny girl’s wrist, Thiu pulled
back, resisting the maid. Consuelo’s foot snapped of the floor into Thiu’s
belly. "OOOOFFFF" cried the girl as she fell to the floor trying to catch
her breath. Consuelo grabbed a handful of straight black hair and dragged
the tiny girl over to the punishment area. She shackled each hand while her
victim was still gasping on the floor and used pulleys to lift her off the
floor until her arms were stretched over her head. She grabbed the front of
the silk dress and ripped it from the small girl.

Consuelo turned to the Senator. "I suggest I give them high volume enemas
with hot water. It should make them more sensitive to your cock and it won’t
get covered with shit." The two tied victims’ eyes widened in fear. The
Senator smiled and nodded. Consuelo continued, "I’ll use inflatable nozzles
instead of large punishment ones so they will be more sensitive to your
cock. When you are fucking their asses, I suggest needles be inserted in
their nipples as they become accustomed to your cock." The young girls
begged piteously that the Senator ignore Consuelo’s suggestions. They
offered enthusiastic fucking if only he wouldn’t punish them. The Senator
shook his head, "Thiu should have thought of that before she resisted." He
turned his gaze to Consuelo, "What about you Consuelo? What will we do with
you?" Consuelo bit her lip for a second and responded, "Of course I will do
the same to myself." The Senator smiled widely.

Consuelo went into the ensuite bathroom and returned with a large rubber bag
trailing a hose. She had to use both hands to carry it. She hung it up
behind Sherrie. She made two more trips and hung one bag behind Thiu and one
for herself. She attached a nozzle to each hose. Each nozzle was covered
with a rubber bladder attached to a soft rubber ball that acted as a pump.
She inserted the first roughly into Sherrie’s small but nicely rounded ass.
"OHHHH" cried the little girl. Consuelo gripped the bulb and squeezed it
rapid pulses. Sherrie’s eyes opened wide, "On my god!" she exclaimed as the
nozzle expanded in her tiny butt.

Consuelo took the second nozzle and pushed it hard into Thiu’s ass. "OW!"
cried Thiu as even the narrow nozzle hurt her ass. Consuelo started pumping
the rubber ball eliciting grunts of discomfort.

Taking the last nozzle, Consuelo bent forward slightly and thrust the nozzle
up her own ass. She bit on her lower lip, moaning, as she pumped the nozzle
in her ass. She turned to the Senator, "Who would you like me to fill
 first?" The Senator pointed to the maid, "Do you."

The small maid nodded and reached for the clamp on her hose. As soon as she
opened it she cried "OOOOOWWWWWW!" as the hot water scalded her. Her hands
went to her lower belly as the burning pressure increased. Her short grunts
of pain could be heard as more water ran into her small ass. As the first
cramp hit her she looked up at the bag in despair, the bag was still almost
½ full.

The cramps increased in frequency and intensity, doubling the small maid
over. Her voice went into constant cries of pain. As the last of the water
ran into her, she felt like she was going to explode. Her whole body was
covered with sweat as the hot water raised her body temperature. She gripped
the side of a table holding her up.

The Senator walked over and grabbed her hair and pulled her up straight. Her
hands clutched below a noticeable swelling in her lower abdomen. Her face
was twisted in pain and tears rolled down her face. The Senator ran his hand
over the swollen belly. "Tell me how it feels." He ordered. She sobbed,
"HURTS! IT’S HOT! OOOHHH! HURTS SO MUCH!" as her body writhed in pain.

The Senator moved to a couple of feet in front of Sherrie. He loved the way
she looked with her tiny body stretched out in her shackles. "Do her next."
He ordered. Sherrie looked him in the eye and begged "Please no, Sir!

Consuelo held her hands under her swollen belly and shuffled over her feet
apart. As she released the valve, Sherrie screamed, "AAAAIIIIYYYYEEE!" as
the hot water hit her bowels. "STOOOPP! IT’S TOOOO HOOOOTT!" Her legs kicked
around as she tried to remove the inflated nozzle from her ass. As the
cramps started, she tried to lift her knees to relieve the pain. Soon, her
legs got tired and the cramps became more frequent. She just writhed in her
shackles and cried out in pain. The Senator grabbed the bag and squeezed the
last of the water into her. "GGAAAGGHHH!" she cried out her eyes opened wide
from the pain of the increased pressure.

The Senator laid his hand on the swollen abdomen as Sherrie writhed in
agony, occasionally bouncing violently, as a particularly strong cramp would
cause even greater pain. Sherrie’s wracking sobs mixed with the grunts of
pain from Consuelo who was half bent with one hand steadying her on the

The Senator stood in front of Thiu. He looked at her tiny frame. She stared
at him with pleading eyes, "Please sir, don’t. I’ll take your cock in my
cunt. I’ll fuck it really well! Please don’t!" The Senator reached between
her legs and shoved 2 fingers in. Thiu grunted in pain but tried to lift her
cunt off and on his thick fingers in an attempt to seduce the huge man into
not torturing her. The Senator answered, "Nice try sweetie but I want to see
that tight little belly stretched out! Consuelo!" and pushed his fingers
even further in. Thiu sobbed in desperation.

Consuelo waddled over, grunting with each step and opened the valve. Thiu’s
body arched backward as she cried out from the burning of the water in her
bowels. Her cunt clasped in pain and the Senator was amazed at how hard the
little hole gripped his fingers. He pulled his fingers out and grabbed the
bag with both hands and squeezed, increasing the flow of the hot water. Thiu
’s cries increased as the pressure on her gut increased. The water was going
in so fast that you could watch her lower belly swell as the tiny girl
thrashed in agony. The last of the water made its way into the tiny ass
leaving the young body twisting from the cramps.

The Senator unshackled the two girls and cuffed their hands in front of
them. As he let them go, each curled into a ball on the floor crying out
from the pain. "Consuelo, we need something for each of you to shit in!"
Consuelo ,half bent over, shuffled through a door into a storage area and
came out with 3 stacked plastic buckets. He set them out a couple of feet
apart. "Sweeties, if you want to empty your bellies, you better get squatted
over these." Consuelo waddled over as the other 2 rolled onto hands and
knees and crawled over. All three managed to settle into a squat over the

The Senator took a thin plastic rod down off the wall and swished it through
the air. "A little contest, sweeties. The one that finishes shitting first
gets one stroke of my friend here on her nipples. The one that finishes
second gets two strokes. Of course the third gets three! Now open the pump
valves and you can take the nozzle out when I say go." The 3 small women
fumbled with the valves. As they finished the Senator said "Ready, steady,

Sherrie and Consuelo reached down to their asses and pulled the nozzles out
but Thiu just grunted and it shot out of her ass followed by a huge stream
of fouled water. Sherrie was pushing as hard as she could but that just
increased the cramps and the water stream varied from a rushing torrent to a
trickle as her muscles betrayed her. The more experienced Consuelo just
tried to relax and let the water leave at its own rate resulting in a steady
stream of water. However, the rush of water out of Thiu never decreased and
she finished well before the other two. Consuelo finished scant seconds
ahead of Sherrie. The three tiny bodies stood.

"Thiu" come here and put your hands behind your head. The tiny oriental
stood in front of him and locked her fingers behind her head. The Senator
lined the plastic rod up with her tiny nipples. He brought his arm back and
crashed it down on the sensitive buds. "AAAAAYYIIIIEEE" the tiny girls
scream filled the room as she dropped to her knees clutching her tits.

Consuelo didn’t wait for an order and stood in front of the Senator with her
hands behind her head. The Senator lined the rod up and swung hard on the
dark nipples. "AAAAAAHHHHH!" She screamed bending forward from the waist. As
her cries died down, she extended her body again. The mark from the last
stroke was clear on her nipples. The Senator lined up again and slashed the
rod across the nipples. It was Consuelo’s turn to drop to the floor
screaming in agony her hands covering the tortured nipples.

Sherrie was backing away from the Senator in terror, her hands covering her
small tits. The Senator turned to the maid still lying on the floor
"Consuelo, get up and hold her." Consuelo pulled herself up and cornered the
smaller girl. She dragged her back to the center of the room and pulled her
arms up into a full nelson, exposing the small tits and the large pink

The Senator lined up the rod and cracked it down on the nipples.
"AAAYYIIIIEEE!" Screamed the small brunette. The Senator struck again and
Sherrie screamed loudly as another ugly welt formed over her nipples. She
thrashed in Consuelo’s grip desperately trying to get away from the last
blow. The Senator dealt the final blow drawing another loud scream. Consuelo
let go of the tiny girl who fell to the floor clutching her tits. After a
few seconds, she crawled over to the Senator’s feet and wrapped her arms
around his ankles, "Please, sir! Please don’t hurt me anymore, Please!" The
Senator pushed her away with one of his huge feet.

He walked over to the punishment table. "Consuelo, get the needles and then
you sweeties bend over and grab the edge of the table." Consuelo got a box
of 2-inch pins with large colored heads and put them on the table. The three
tiny women bent over at the waist and grabbed the edge of the table.

The Senator walked up to Consuelo and lined his fat cock head up with her
tiny cunt. He rubbed it up and down to seat it between the cunt lips and
pushed forward hard. The cunt walls resisted for a second but the huge head
eventually popped into her small cunt followed by 4 inches of the huge cock.
"AAAAAGGHHH!" grunted the maid, her cunt walls stretching unbearably. The
Senator pulled back and jerked in again, burying another 3 inches. "UNNGGHH"
she grunted as more of her cunt was hurt. The Senator pulled back on his
cock and rammed forward again, his full length pounding deep into the tiny
woman. "AAAAAHHHHOOOWWWW!" She screamed. The Senator took a couple of more
stabs at the tight cunt and removed his gigantic prick.

He walked over to Sherrie and put his cock head against her small cunt. He
leaned forward, pushing hard. The tiny cunt resisted but Sherrie moaned at
the pressure on her tight cunt muscles. Finally, the large cock head split
her cunt muscles and worked its way in. The small brunette screamed loudly
at the tearing of her cunt. Her legs bounced up and down as the Senator had
to hold her hips to keep from being dislodged. The giant pulled back a
fraction of an inch and forced another inch into the screaming youth. Her
screams were continuous as he sawed out and back in, tearing deeper into her
cunt on every in-stroke. Finally his huge cock had worked all the way in.
The Senator’s body was sweating with the effort. He took 2 long deep stabs
with his cock and pulled it from the torn hole. Blood streaked the huge

He stepped behind the tiny Thiu. He lined his cock head up as the little
teenager wept loudly in fear. He placed the cock head against the little
hole and jabbed forward. It took 3 jabs to get the huge cock head to split
the tiny hole. Thiu wailed loudly, "STOOOOOP! YYOOOUUUURR RRRIIIIPPING
MEEEEE APAAAARRRT!" relentlessly the giant jabbed his cock into the tight
cunt again and again. Thiu thrashed in agony as the huge monster ripped more
of her cunt. The Senator finally made a brutal thrust, burying his cock. The
little oriental wriggled on his huge cock begging the Senator to remove his
huge cock. He pulled back until just the fat head was inside her and drove
back hard. The little teen screamed again as her cunt split more. He
continued with several long thrusts and removed his cock.

He stepped back as all 3 women sobbed at the pain in their cunts, blood
leaking out of the 2 younger girls’ cunts. He inserted a finger in Consuelo’
s ass, eliciting a gasp. "How many times have they had to sew up your ass.
"Twice, Sir" she responded through her tears. He removed his finger and
pressed his cock head against the tiny hole. Consuelo tried to relax her
sphincter to let the giant cock in but it was too large. He leaned harder,
stretching the hole until it finally gave way and the huge head popped past
the torn sphincter. Consuelo howled in pain. He restarted the pressure on
his cock, the tight hole squeezing hard on the huge member. Slowly it moved
forward, splitting deeper in her ass. Her scream constant except for her
ragged attempts to inhale. It took several minutes to finally bury the
monster cock in her ass.

He reached over and picked up a pin. He pushed it against her left nipple
and jabbed it in. Consuelo’s head thrashed in pain as her over extended ass
muscles tensed around his shaft. He took another pin and drove it in the
other nipple. He gasped in pleasure as she spasmed around his cock. He
pulled the cock all the way out. Her ass hole gaped open and a trickle of
blood ran out of it.

His cock almost ached from the dry fucking of the Maid’s ass so he went to
the cupboard and found a tube of KY and applied it liberally to his cock as
he approached Sherrie. She looked over her shoulder with pleading eyes,
"Please, sir, put it in my cunt again. Please, my ass can’t take it!"
Ignoring the pleas, the Senator put his cock against her tiny ass and leaned

Unlike Consuelo, the little teen clenched her ass muscles preventing entry.
Keeping the pressure up, he reached for a pin and quickly inserted it in a
large pink nipple. The scream was ear shattering as her ass first tensed up
and then relaxed slightly as the girl’s scream died down. Feeling the
sphincter relax slightly, the Senator drove hard. The head tore its way in.
"AAAAYYYYEEEEEE" she screamed as her ass burnt with searing pain. The
Senator gripped her hips and leaned in. With the lubricant, the progress was
faster. A minute later, he was fully buried in the ass. "PLEEEAAASSSEE
screamed. You get 2 pins per nipple because you resisted. "NNNNOOOOO!" she
screamed as he reached for more pins. He pushed one against the other nipple
and drove it in. She thrashed around his tearing cock. He placed another pin
in each hand and thrust them simultaneously in each nipple. The teen
screamed and writhed on the huge cock. He held the hips and reveled in the
sensations the gyrations of the teen caused on his cock. He pulled his cock
out, leaving the second ass hole gaping and torn. He stood behind Thiu
smearing KY on his cock. "You going to be good or do you want extra pins
too?" he asked. The little oriental nodded slowly as she wept. The giant man
pressed his huge cock against her ass hole.

She tried to relax her butt as the Senator pressed his cock head against
her. He rubbed his cock up and down on her ass until he felt the muscle
relaxed and plunged forward hard. "OOOOHHHH MMMYYYY GOOOOD!
 OWWWWAAAAYYYIEEE" she cried as her felt her ass rip. The Senator kept up
the pressure, tearing deeper and deeper into her ass. The screaming
continued until he’d pressed his body up against the firm young ass. The
screams turned into deep grunts of pain. The Senator took 2 pins. The tits
were too small to insert the pin straight in so he put the needle against
the side of her nipple and drove it through the teat. The scream restarted.
Just as it died down, he drove the second pin through the other nipple. The
tiny body twisted and bounced on his huge cock. He felt the orgasm coming
and started pumping in the tight hole. Finally, he pushed all the way in and
shot deeply into the abused ass. He removed his cock and watched as blood
streaked come trickled out of the torn ass.

Consuelo spoke up through her tears "Sir, I think we’re all badly torn and
need medical treatment. Allow me to call for nurses and a replacement maid."
The Senator nodded and took a comfortable chair. A few minutes later, three
beautiful women in the pink nurse’s lab coats came in followed by a small
black woman in a maid’s uniform. The black looked wide-eyed at the three
women bent over the table, bleeding. She turned her gaze to the huge man,
seeing his huge semi-rigid cock. "I’m Barbara, your new maid" she said in a
terrified voice.

Review This Story || Author: Mad Dog
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