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Forced To Be A Stripper Author: Powerone
(Added on Nov 28, 2004) (This month 12658 readers) (Total 53801 readers)
Dr. Michael's use of hypno-therapy to force girls into acts of perversion for his friends and himself.

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Reviewer: JimmyJump (Edit) Rating: Jan 25, 2009
Couldn't agree more with what Alex Bragi had to say. U.S. writers of erotic fiction are absolutely obsessed with measurments. That and virgins, although virgins have been taken over by their measurments, so to speak.
Furthermore, the concept of 'forcing' a victim to perform 'vile acts' through subliminal, albeit hypnotic, induction, is an 'old' fantasy, but from the pen of Powerone, it still works. More or less.
JJ (8/10)

Reviewer: Alex Bragi (Edit) Rating: Mar 14, 2005
Iím sorry but, I canít get quite as excited about this one as the other reviewers. The story itself is good and exciting, however, I found many sentences read oddly to me. e.g. ďIt was their brains fighting what their bodies were doing.Ē I felt many passive and 'cluttered' sentences, like one, needed trimming and tightening: Their brains fought (what) their bodies (were doing).
I live outside the USA, Iím in metric measurements, so while I do understand bra sizes, I don't have much idea about5í 10í and 110 pounds. People who know a whole lot more about these things than I do say, ďNever use exact measurements or sizes. Itís always better to use descriptions. It paints a more vivid picture in the readerís head.Ē I tend to agree.
On the up side itís intruging to read about the girl's mental torment and the sex scenes are hot.
Iím sure this is every manís fantasy. :)

Reviewer: Abe Froman (Edit) Rating: Mar 8, 2005
Very nice -- I really enjoyed the fight between her mind and body. Excellent work. (9/10)

Reviewer: Ruby (Edit) Rating: Nov 30, 2004
Whew! Another hot read from Powerone.
The "good" doctor certainly knows how to bring out the best in his patients.
Though this story is complete, one can hope that more appointments with our favorite doctor will be scheduled. (10/10)

Reviewer: chksng19 (Edit) Rating: Nov 28, 2004
Another in a string of hit stories. Beautiful character descriptions, great narration of the things going on in the minds of those present. Crisply moving the story along, getting the reader involved deeply to see what would happen. Excellent! (10/10)

Reviewer: Aeneas (Edit) Rating: Nov 28, 2004
Love the mind control aspect. Another great story from one of the masters. The good doctor strikes again, hopefully we will see more of his practice in the future. (10/10)

Reviewer: mkemse (Edit) Rating: Nov 28, 2004
always great, never read a bad story by you that i can remember (9/10)

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