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What Did I Do Wrong? Author: Powerone
(Added on Feb 21, 2002) (This month 3646 readers) (Total 25358 readers)
Meghan's pussy is raped. Her rapist comes back a week later and rapes her mouth. Another week and her ass is raped. Each time she is forced by her rapist to cum. See what happens to her at the end.

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Reviewer: JimmyJump (Edit) Rating: Jan 17, 2012
The title of this story is also the question Powerone should ask himself here.
Because "What Did I Do Wrong" has a very nice basic idea -kind of a Stockholm Syndrome avant la lettre.
But I feel Powerone forewent on the erotics too much, in favor of a style more reminiscent to action sequences in a movie screenplay.
Sadly, that style fails here, taking away the connection the reader should have with either the victim or the rapist.
Besides, it takes more than three violent rapes to "turn" a victim. Much more close contact and cajoling and psychological manipulation.
Like I said; a good idea, but badly -or rather wrongly- executed.
JJ (5/10)

Reviewer: tbear4759 (Edit) Rating: Jun 2, 2007
spelling errors, grammatical errors abound. the following quote from the story cracked me up "He rose from her body, his pussy farted as he
pulled out." the rapist has a pussy? all I read about was his cock and now after he rapes her he has a pussy? AMAZING!!! If you end up with a pussy after raping a woman I will reconsider raping someone.

Reviewer: Mad Lews (Edit) Rating: Jun 30, 2005
Nice execution of a rather common(on this site anyway) story concept. great little twist at the end gives the story extra legs (7/10)

Reviewer: mkemse (Edit) Rating: Apr 10, 2004
good story (6/10)

Reviewer: RubbrSpatula (Edit) Rating: Feb 22, 2002
The craft of the writing is as important to me as the story, and the craft kind of suffered here. You know how you can get after 12 straight hours of free cable porn-- where you begin to lose interest in, well, everything? This story gave me that hollow feeling. It has a relatively clever premise, and style, but lacks attention and focus on the events. (5/10)

Reviewer: trusser (Edit) Rating: Feb 22, 2002
Yawn (4/10)

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