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Book Project


Collected by shiner

My Favorites (8 stories listed)

  • Artwork: by Doush
    (Synopsis: A successful slaver has begun turning her slaves into functional pieces of furniture and extravagant pieces of art. When another prominent female slaver pays her a visit, triple-cross follows double-cross amidst bondage, torture and murder.)
  • Amanda's Big Mistake: by Angelgirl
    (Synopsis: Amanda awakes only to find she is strapped down on a table. As she desperately tries to understand what is happening; her mind begins to play tricks with her. This is a true story.)
  • A Saddle for Maria: by Cortez
    (Synopsis: She watched her friend, Juanita riding the torture saddle in the story 'The Electric Crab'. Now Maria Jimenez faces the same agonising impalement and the sadistic attentions of Anna Perez. The last of this quartet of linked stories.)
  • A Cellar Full of Screams: by Susan Karlson
    (Synopsis: Older man trains willing girl to be his partner in rape and torture scenes with unwilling females.)
  • East Coast Slavers Organization: by Desert Dog
    (Synopsis: This tale chronicles the adventures of Aaron Clarke, a budding slaver setting up a franchise operation in Miami, Florida. Business and adventure literally fall his way as Aaron sets about creating identities, bases of operations, and a client base; all accomplished with the guidance of his partner Steve Austin. Aaron quickly discovers that various illegal enterprises present him an opportunity for acquiring stock (women), cash, and other enticements too good to pass up. The windfall of millions of dollars and the easy acquisition of slaves leads to a reanalysis of his business ethics and personal morals. Aaron Clarke determines that it is so easy to find prey worthy of punishment that he adjusts his business model accordingly, punishing the guilty and using his illicit gains to help others; all immensely sexy women that remain available for his enjoyment.)
  • Whistleblower's Punishment: by Harry Berg
    (Synopsis: A fictional account of how a female executive who attempts to divulge the wrong doings of her employer is brought to heel by senior management. Kidnapped, savagely raped and tortured then forced to watch and abet the gang rape of her daughter are among the steps taken to foster company loyalty.)
  • The Slavery of Gloria: by Samantha Kou
    (Synopsis: A studious asian high schooler is blackmailed by her fellow female classmate and eventually comes to accpet her new role as a submissive slave.)
  • A Life of Slavery: by toiletslut
    (Synopsis: The complete story of a girl lured into a hot lesbian loving night just to find afterward she would slowly be turned into a slave... a slave that would do ANYTHING. And I mean anything, absolutely anything.)


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