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Book Project


Collected by Rudeboy811

Dollstories (2 stories listed)
Stories that involve transforming into a living doll.

Favorites (6 stories listed)

  • Alien Pussycat: by Arnold Puttywn
    (Synopsis: Neela was kidnapped by extraterrestrial slavers and taken to Cygnas to surgical transformation and sale as a pussycat.)
  • The Exposition of Modified Women: by Benfan
    (Synopsis: The reader visits - through the eyes of a dominant male attendee - an exhibition of erotically restrained and modified females.)
  • Entree Girl: by Robin Lane
    (Synopsis: Emily had always wanted to help her mother with the family business, so when Mom asked her to help with an important business dinner, Emily eagerly agreed to provide the meat.)
  • Cannibal 4H: by Eurytion
    (Synopsis: Cannibal 4H or C4H as it has come to be known on the newsgroups chronicles the adventures of two young people, Joey Geryon and his girlfriend Linda Sue and their adventures in raising human cattle. It contains violence, death, family tragedy, sex of all shades and stripes and people eating people. This tale is not to everyone's taste. If you have the slightest idea that you might be offended by the contents of this story, please read no further. As the Judge would say "caveat lector:" let the reader beware.)
  • Checkout: by Spitman
    (Synopsis: Three girls go for a wild, crazy holiday week in Amsterdam in a Dolcett-oriented future world, curious to see if it's true and they really eat girls over there. They find themselves caught up in the atmosphere, with unexpected consequences.)
  • Life on the Farm: by CaitSara and Meaghread
    (Synopsis: This is the culmination of a mixture of real life practices spiced with a healthy dose of fantasy. The stories deals with a woman who owns a human cow farm and how some of the "cows" came to be in their particular situation.)

To Be Read (25 stories listed)


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