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Collected by MISTRESS H

FEMALE SELF-BONDAGE & TORTURE (59 stories listed)

CBT STORIES (250 stories listed)

STORIES TO BE READ (71 stories listed)

DOLCETT STORIES (10 stories listed)

INCEST STORIES (72 stories listed)

MOM'S ADVENTURES (23 stories listed)

FEMALE HUMILIATION (66 stories listed)

NON CONSENTUAL TORTURE (140 stories listed)

TORTURE AND SNUFF (5 stories listed)

CONSENTUAL TORTURE (115 stories listed)

KIDNAPP STORIES (27 stories listed)

HUMAN FURNITURE STORIES (3 stories listed)

BDSM/TORTURE SCI-FI (10 stories listed)

  • Tentacles!: by Enclosed Lady
    (Synopsis: A chemical female scientist tested her new rubber experience to enclose her ex-submissive girlfriend. During the process, the female meet some tormenting uninvited guests.... )
  • The Stretching of Slave Girl Shana: by Sigmund Freud
    (Synopsis: Slave Girl Shana is stretched open as punishment.)
  • Will of Celestials: by YamiNoHikari
    (Synopsis: H-RPG like (many bondage scenes). Ceil and Geo are the choosen Celestials, set their journey to find Radiant World on Earth. In their journey they will learn the past of Celestials and human' sins )
  • Eve Examination Table: by YamiNoHikari
    (Synopsis: [Anime:Blackcat] Placed when Doctor captured Eve, what he would do to her if Train didn't come.)
  • Helplessly Bound: by YamiNoHikari
    (Synopsis: Interrogation of Hikaru whereabout of her Crystal of Mirage. Characters taken from my [Bond of Destiny].)
  • Bond of Destiny: by YamiNoHikari
    (Synopsis: The complex storyline about the secret of the world. Hikaru got the crystal which has unique powers and he became the key to reveal the secret. What will wait for him in the journey (tipical Hentai-RPG))
  • Virtual Punishments: by obohobo
    (Synopsis: Two young girls try out the adult virtual reality games and find out the painful way, why they are intended for adult males.)
  • Laura\'s Ordeal: by Labaronne
    (Synopsis: In the near future, a girl\'s plight once she enters a cycle of judicial and financial hardships.)
  • The Girl Who Fell to Earth: by Torrent
    (Synopsis: When a superheroine voluntarily abdicates and chooses to become mortal, there's hell to pay.)
  • Bound And Chained: by Veronica Leigh Marquette
    (Synopsis: Bound and Chained involves a sci-fi setting, female domination and some serious SM action, but still romantic.)

Basil's Torment (8 stories listed)


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