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Collected by Gordi

torture stories (38 stories listed)
I'm collecting to most graphic and extreme stories of torture.

  • Ten Hours of Stacy's Torment: by MrBondskin
    (Synopsis: The sisters were captured and tortured without knowing the reason, until the very end of the torment.)
  • camp/site: by J Scourge
    (Synopsis: Three girls on a camping trip are kidnapped by a parmilitary group and tortured for information when suspected of spying. )
  • \'The School Trophy V0.7: by ghostsblood
    (Synopsis: This is a fictional story. It is a sex-horror story)
  • Crown of Torments: by Synon55
    (Synopsis: The Necromancer returns from the grave to take his harrowing revenge against the Warrior Queen and her supporters.)
  • Nazi High Tech: by Venom
    (Synopsis: Its the year 1947, and the nazis are still on tour. Based on its Secret Weapon’s Technology, the Third Reich is about to win the Second World War. A female British spy enables the theft of a turbojet stealth-fighter, but is caught by the counter-intelligence. Let’s hear what she has to say...)
  • Raping Trisha: by Alebeard
    (Synopsis: Young Trisha is lured into a basement and abused by Justing and his friends.)
  • A Cellar Full of Screams: by Susan Karlson
    (Synopsis: Older man trains willing girl to be his partner in rape and torture scenes with unwilling females.)
  • Twisted Teen Tales: by rolf palsy
    (Synopsis: A collection of groin candy featuring mostly female teenagers who are brutalized and humiliated by their perverted parents, sadistic teachers and others in authority who prey on teens in their formative years)
  • Jill: by Allene Blake
    (Synopsis: Young girl spanked by neighbor then finds she loves torture games with boys.)
  • The Sentence: by Darklaw
    (Synopsis: Captain Raymond and the Lady Josephine are sentenced to death and tortured in the most brutal ways possible. Skip this one if you don't like gang rape, crucifixion, impalement, denial as torture (if you have to ask you have neve been married) the pear, testicle crushing, breast ripping, and other great tortures described in excruciating and historically accurate detail.)
  • Room 29: by Shabbadew2002
    (Synopsis: In 1972, a young, female intelligence officer is subjected by the GDR’s secret police to their most extreme tortures. )
  • Punishment Most Severe: by Williej
    (Synopsis: A young buxom Frenchwoman is arrested by the occupying Nazis during WW2 and sentenced to death by public flogging.)
  • The Agony of Simone: by Cordoza
    (Synopsis: A beautiful young French Resistance girl is captured and brutally tortured by three nasty Gestapo women and their pet Doberman.)
  • Taliban: by Alebeard
    (Synopsis: A pleasant story of kindness, love and hope, mixed along with rape, torture and abuse.)
  • Kidnapped Debutante: by R.B. Thibo
    (Synopsis: A sixteen year old girl becomes a play thing for a mother and son.)
  • Casino: by Thndrshark
    (Synopsis: Three close girlfriends are eager to experience new adventures. Now they are in a fetish and bondage casino, where people play for some more interesting things than money.)
  • The Electric Crab: by Cortez
    (Synopsis: In a South American Republic, Colonel Marcos and his assistant, Anna Perez, interrogtate a young woman unfortunate enough to have fallen foul of the Junta.)
    Comment: This story in particular isn't the greatest, but Cortez has several good stories. No updates since '05.
  • Fallon's Anal Agony: by Vidi Vici Veni
    (Synopsis: A bad man kidnaps three pretty girls. Bondage, spanking, whipping, forced lesbian humiliation, and, of course, anal rape.)
  • Prescription for Pain: by mesbesh
    (Synopsis: Awfully violent story of a lesbian female serial killer. The villainess tortures and kills young women using them in all possible ways she can imagine.)
  • Killing Laura: by Bunny Wabbit
    (Synopsis: Very nasty story about a very nasty man who does very nasty things to nice little girls)
  • The Conspiracy: by 007
    (Synopsis: medieval torture story. caution!!! very heavy !!!)
  • Pain Factor - The New Reality Show: by Depr@ved
    (Synopsis: Women compete in a pain endurance game show to win a $1,000,000 prize)
  • Cell Mate: by mothbrad
    (Synopsis: A member of a sinister, secret government department hires a beautiful, sadistic woman to help him do his evil work.)
  • The Mansion: by Mad Dog
    (Synopsis: Master built the mansion where males had the total control and the only the females needed to do was obey their master's every order.)
  • The Charmed Ones: by anonmix
    (Synopsis: Three witch sisters were interrogated to confess their powers. They were brutally tortured and finally mutilated.)
  • The Priest Teaches His Flock: by Powerone
    (Synopsis: Father John is transferred to his third parish. Each time he was caught molesting his parishioners. This time we find him in a small parish in the Bible Belt in the 1950's.)
  • The Greatest Screams Ever: by Baer-chen
    (Synopsis: Two brothers captured these two sweet girls. They deviced many ways to make the girls screaming all the time.)
  • Temple of Torture: by Venom
    (Synopsis: After some initial pain-play, the real interrogation and punishment of a slavegirl starts, including a number of very extreme tortures.)
    Comment: excellent, but the end is silly
  • Temple of Torture - Vanessa's First Journey: by Venom
    (Synopsis: Three slavegirls ("a ponygirl, a painslut and a snuffette") become attractions at the "Heaven's Gate Exhibition", an extreme and exclusive underground torture fair. Their deliciously cruel Mistress guides them to unknown heights of suffering.)
    Comment: unrealistically gory
  • Brother's Teenage Sex-Slave: by Cerberus
    (Synopsis: When fourteen year-old Molly¡¯s millionaire parents die in a plane crash she is left in the care of her sadistic older brother who turns her into a sex-slave.)
  • Wonder Woman: Hell in Paradise (Part 2): by DarthSaad
    (Synopsis: Continuing the tale of the invasion of Paradise Island by a group of villains. As they continue to further their secret agenda, they take the chance to ruthlessly use and abuse the captive Amazons. And they have the chance for seeking revenge against the female heroes they have captured, including the most famous, powerful, and beautiful of all - Wonder Woman!)
  • Why You Shouldn't Go Home With Strangers: by Callidus
    (Synopsis: A young girl goes home with a stranger for some kinky sex, but it ends up being kinkier than she expected.)
  • Nightclub Nightmare: by Lazarus
    (Synopsis: Cute little Asian girl sneaks into nightclub and gets caught by female bouncer. The cruel woman then proceeds to punish and rape the girl with help from another huge, black male bouncer.)
    Comment: 13 yr old asian girl tortured by bouncers
  • Disposal By Degrees.: by Susan Karlson
    (Synopsis: The Group do not want their hostages to talk....ever. Greta is delighted. She and the Boys can have some serious fun.... )
    Comment: A bit too strong.
  • Witchseekers: by Kirsten Smart
    (Synopsis: The hysteria of the medieval witchhunts returns in modern times. Tales from a disbanded online community, these stories follow the torture, interrogations and executions of the unfortunate accused. Dungeons, suspension, chains, racks, pears, hot irons, strappado, thumbscrews, hot oil, water torture, toe-torture, impalement, whipping, hanging and burning at the stake are all featured in graphic detail. )
    Comment: Some of these stories are pretty good
  • Fan Wooh: by Von Schmiser
    (Synopsis: The character of, Fu Manchu was the creation of novelist Sax Rohmer in the early 20th century. He was an average, peaceable, Chinese until his family was wantonly and needlessly murdered during the Boxer Rebellion of 1900. He became the embodiment of the evil oriental genius engaging in the most terrible crimes against humanity imaginable, and unspeakable tortures.)
    Comment: Story is ok.... doesn't seem to really go anywhere.
  • Prisoner Inerrogation: by Von Schmiser
    (Synopsis: Interrogations of political dissidents in a fictional country, ruled by a despotic tyrant and his followers. Lori Beth and her friends learn the hard way that the horror stories of abomiable tortures were not fiction...)
    Comment: Lots of young rebels screaming in pain.
  • Inquisition: by Von Schmiser
    (Synopsis: The story takes place sometime during the 700 years of this Inquisition.)
    Comment: Lots of witches screaming in pain.

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