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Collected by bullfinch

F/m current (46 stories listed)

  • Nursery Crime: by Miss Irene Clearmont
    (Synopsis: John and Gill seek therapy for their dysfunctional marriage. Dr Maxine persuades Gill that normal therapy is not the way to go. Strong F/m and F/f, the start is slow as the tension builds up and the characters descend into a hell of 'therapy' and seduction as Dr Maxine makes a profit and Nurse Maureen gets a new patient. Meanwhile another doctor has discovered the secret of the Serena Clinic and plans to expose the racket that disposes of unwanted people into a hell of female domination...)
  • Prison Farm Pleasure: by tjr
    (Synopsis: Gorgeous teenager's application for employment at the Femrule Prison Farm requires her to study the punishments of 25 inmates and Paula eagerly looks forward to each day's assignment!)
  • Dinner, Cigars...., and a Noose: by CigarsnBondage
    (Synopsis: A gentleman arrives home to find a special surprise waiting for him. The title says it all... and we don't want this synopsis to be a spoiler for what lies ahead.)
  • Thoughtful Afternoon: by malevolent
    (Synopsis: The thoughts of an average girl in a world where women are the dominant sex.)
  • An adult son: by cornerboi
    (Synopsis: An adult son stays at his mothers house and one of his darkest fantasies is realized.)
  • Crystal: by Miss Irene Clearmont
    (Synopsis: A new secretary for Crystal is hiding a secret. So is the rather devious Crystal. Then a rape leads to female dominated revenge. What begins with a male on top ends with a man underneath...)
  • Game Set and Match: by Miss Irene Clearmont
    (Synopsis: She loses her boyfriend to another tennis star and plots to get him back, by any means...)
  • Dream Date with a Domme: by 781-524-112
    (Synopsis: A bdsm curious guy takes a chance and is summoned to visit DOmme he has contacted for what he hopes will become his dream date)
  • My Sister's Dog: by Citizen X
    (Synopsis: Nick's been obsessed with his beautiful sister since they were teenagers. Now, for the first time in ten years, she finally acknowledges the dirty games they used to play, and reveals to Nick he's not the only one who remains deeply kinky.)
  • Trapped in Stone: by RH Music
    (Synopsis: John's soul becomes trapped in a small, penis-shaped statue by his mischievous girlfriend. Naturally he feels, smells, and tastes everything that touches the statue. And naturally his girlfriend exploits her new toy for fun and pleasure...)
  • Kurt & Kat: by Jonathan
    (Synopsis: )
  • The Superior Gender: by Mistress Nathasha
    (Synopsis: 50 years ago, women started to take over the world. Today, males are second-class citizen and we live in a fully female-dominated society. Even the males are better for it. See how it turned out for the best.)
  • My Place in Life: by Millie
    (Synopsis: A submissive male tells his story.)
  • Second Thoughts: by J Battier
    (Synopsis: A chance encounter with a married couple on an online alternative dating service leads to a weekend fantasy experiment that may prove to be a lot more real than Mike had ever intended. )
  • The Heartbreaker's Society: by Shade
    (Synopsis: An 18 year old, conservative christian boy finds himself enslaved to a coven of witches.)
  • Slavivarsary: by Loraspa6
    (Synopsis: On the anniversary of the taking of one of her slaves the Mistress and her two slaves reflect on the last year of their lives.)
  • Dominatrix Next Door: by tjr
    (Synopsis: Teenager Billy comes home from school to find a note on the refrigerator saying his mom had to go away on business; but she has asked a beautiful neighbor to take over his usual Friday Night Discipline.who along with her teen daughter are part time registered doominatrices if she would take over his usual Friday Night Punishment. While Billy is clever at thinking up reasons to avoid this, this lovely neighbor is a registered, part-time dominatrix who along with her teenage daughter are experienced at finding new male meat to play with in their basement dungeon)
  • Mirror, Mirror: by Jason
    (Synopsis: Two blonde babes take a cocky young teen all the way, over the top.)
  • Gloria: by Dave Wallace
    (Synopsis: She was invited to join her best girl friend's evening party. She would witness the submission of her friend's husband. Who knows where this was going to lead!)
  • An Inspector Calls: by Freddie Clegg
    (Synopsis: With the New Order UK Government firmly in control, women have become used to running things but how does government make sure that its policies are carried out?)
  • Dream Life: by BeautifulParadox
    (Synopsis: A look into the life of a Dominant woman and the life she has built for herself. Not your typical story...)
  • Moms at Play: by nahanom
    (Synopsis: Happy Valentine's Day Mom. Thanks for always putting your wicked desires and sadistic needs ahead of any silly maternal instincts you might have felt for me. These stories celebrate those delightfully cruel Mommies who love to torture there own littlle boys.)
  • End of the Road Farm: by Nick Damion
    (Synopsis: Assistant bank manager gambles, loses, creates fraudulent accounts and gets caught. His life goes downhill from there.)
  • Meeting Mistress Lynne: by Broken Will
    (Synopsis: A husband and wife, newly into BDSM meet a woman who teaches her how to better dominate him. )
  • The Birthday Present: by rubbermark
    (Synopsis: A women gives her dominant friend a birthday present she will never forget. Nor will her present forget the day he became a slave. )
  • Brian find a Mistress: by Goddess Racheal
    (Synopsis: After years of searching, Brian find what he hopes is his dream Mistress)
  • From young man to boi to bitch to object: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: A young man gets turned into a bitch boi by a brutal man and from there he becomes ever more the fenminized object)
  • Pony Summer: by RubberH
    (Synopsis: A young man's fantasy becomes a horrifying nightmare when he agrees to be his Mistress' slave for the summer.)
  • pain pleasure of plantation: by sam_boy
    (Synopsis: cruel plantation mistress)
  • Tough love: by graymangazer
    (Synopsis: Lucy and her boss enslave her husband without him realizing.)
  • Liz and Jim: by libretto
    (Synopsis: Liz walks in on her subtenant Jim masturbating to secret nude picuters of her. She exploits the situation to live out sexual desires she didn't even know she had with Jim as a very reluctant participant.)
  • Partners: by Richard.
    (Synopsis: A newly married wife is unhappy with the couple's sex life and decides to take control until she has as many orgasms as he has had.)
  • Interview With A Domme: by Onewhoadores
    (Synopsis: A two part story of a young newspaper reporter who gets her big break assigned to do a feature article about real femdom relationships)
  • The Box: by Markhoto
    (Synopsis: When a male submissive decides to offer himself to his Mistress and become her 24/7 slave, she sends him a box and instructions.)
  • The FSRA: by Doctor Flotsom
    (Synopsis: Prisons are over crowded, and the Fair Sentence Reduction Act is put in place, allowing prisoners to opt for periods of torture to reduce their sentence. This story follows one inmates journey as he is agonizingly tortured by a beautiful dominatrix.)
  • Skinned: by Dave
    (Synopsis: Two pre-med students use one of their classmates to improve their GPA. Bloody experiments here.)
  • The Client: by Dark Fire
    (Synopsis: This back an forth story is told from the point of view of the female torturer and her victim who has been sentenced to an agonizingly slow death by her hand as she uses her full imagination to inflict agony upon him.)
  • New Plumbing: by XtremeInk
    (Synopsis: Fantasy fullfillment of a grizzly kind. Man finds himself drawn into a a life that both fulfills and horrifies him. This story is a custom story, written for specifically for someone.)
  • The Mentor: by Bob Aganoush
    (Synopsis: A professor finds himself under the tutelage of his female colleague.)
  • A Display of Power: by srone
    (Synopsis: My wife has decided that today she would show me and a friend of hers how much power she had in our marriage.)
  • The Mindbreakers: by Atomage
    (Synopsis: In the late 1950s the techniques for breaking minds were being developed, a committed lesbian sadist uses these methods to create rubber dolls for her rubber clients.)
  • Julia's Holiday Villa: by Nothing
    (Synopsis: Further adventures of the beautiful Julia of Ancient Rome.)
  • Helen and The Elf: by jan311648
    (Synopsis: Sharon, a sharp-witted, streetwise, computer-savvy girl of eighteen is on the run from the leaders of the South London underworld gang she'd mixed with until she was raped by them. Taking her revenge by spiriting away a large sum of money they'd collected for a drugs deal, she'd made her way South-West, hitch-hiking to preserve her anonymity. Waiting for a lift one evening on a rain-soaked slip-road, she'd been picked up by Helen; nearly twenty years older, gentler and considerably better educated. Taken to spend the night at Helen's farm, Sharon had decided to stay for a few days with her personal Good Samaritan where her hunters would never find her. The days grew into weeks and both women developed a profound friendship and affection for each other before the act of vigilante revenge which bound them inseparably together. Nine months had passed when this tale begins with Helen away for a couple of days of business connected with her profession.)
  • kissed and sucked into slavery: by misterjim
    (Synopsis: I was kissed, sucked and seduced by a beautiful teenager and then slowly trained to be a sex slave for her and all her teenage girl friends.)
    Comment: Started april 2010
  • Discipline: Prelude to a Dynasty: by Four Letters
    (Synopsis: Based on the hentai game/anime Discipline with more bondage/BDSM content. A new student enrolls in Arcadia Academy. On his first day, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary, until Reina Morimoto, the headmistress of the Academy, summons him to his office for a little chat. It turns out the student needs to take a test, but it's not the kind of test he's familiar with...)
    Comment: started april 2010.
  • The Penalty Box: by Tyjord
    (Synopsis: A night in the life of a young couple in love. He\'s an up and coming sports star. She\'s a wealthy business woman...and extrememly dominant. How far will she take him? How far will he go?)
    Comment: update 16/12/09

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