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Collected by big duce

males rule (7 stories listed)

fem dom (13 stories listed)

asians/middle east (8 stories listed)

favs (13 stories listed)

girl on girl (4 stories listed)

superheroine (11 stories listed)

  • New Purpose: by Sonya Esperanto
    (Synopsis: About a bunch of Marvel and DC Superheroines who end up as slaves to a wife of a former dictator, after she had attained god-like powers.)
  • Princess Leia:Jabba's Slave: by Bookmanwhb
    (Synopsis: Princess Leia captured by the vile worm is forced to become his sex slave)
  • She Ra v Dragon Queen: by Sonya Esperanto
    (Synopsis: About the animated heroine She Ra (from Masters of the Universe and had her own series) being defeated by a sadistic Oriental villainess, who makes She Ra her bdsm )
  • She Ra - Prisoner of the Horde: by Sonya Esperanto
    (Synopsis: About cartoon character She Ra who is finally defeated by her enemy, The Horde, and made into their BDSM slave.)
  • B'elanna Torres Gets Tamed: by Bookmanwhb
    (Synopsis: The story continues from Captain Janeway Sex Slave as Torres gets her taste of her new life as a sex slave to some space pirates.)
  • Captain Janeway Captain's Slave: by Bookmanwhb
    (Synopsis: Captain Janeway and her crew get captured by space pirates.)
  • Catwoman's Prey: by Citizen Bane
    (Synopsis: Batgirl sets out to solve the mystery of Supergirl's disappearnce, only to join the latter and fall into the hands of Catwoman. Like Supergirl, she is tortured, abused and trained to become a sex slave. And in her new life as a sex slave, Barbara Gordon will get to see the dark side of Gotham city's high society.)
  • Lois Lane: Sex Slave: by Echotango
    (Synopsis: The famed reporter enters a warehouse to investigate crime only to be captured and enslaved by those she was hunting... )
  • The Breaking of Batwoman: by Moet Chandon
    (Synopsis: Batwoman is back. And the Joker is going to teach her one final lesson.)
  • Supergirl Fallen: by Citizen Bane
    (Synopsis: Supergirl is capture by Catwoman and an evil scientist. She is tortured, enslaved and finally transformed into the ultimate sex slave.)
  • Supergirl : Voluntary Slavery: by Sonya Esperanto
    (Synopsis: About a world where most men died out from a virus, leaving only a small few. Supergirl also is desperately horny and even would subject herself to be a bdsm slave to any man still alive)


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