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Book Project


Collected by nsn700

to be read sometime (11 stories listed)

  • Hospitality: by Shabbadew2002
    (Synopsis: In 2007, in Kenya, an English family is enslaved by a corrupt and depraved Police Inspector.)
  • Life on the Farm: by CaitSara and Meaghread
    (Synopsis: This is the culmination of a mixture of real life practices spiced with a healthy dose of fantasy. The stories deals with a woman who owns a human cow farm and how some of the "cows" came to be in their particular situation.)
  • The Socialite Chronicles: by Tappy McWidestance
    (Synopsis: A wealthy but bored woman rediscovers her erotic past and submissive future. )
  • Whore 94: by Fronker
    (Synopsis: Behind the banal monotony of everyday existence there lies another world - a world ruled by the privileged for the privileged. A world into which I was introduced - to play my part - though not as one of the privileged, but as a whore...)
  • Honeymoon Gone Awry: by Kirk
    (Synopsis: This is the story of Julie and Doug, two young newlyweds who are very much in love. Our story begins on their wedding day as they drive to their honeymoon suite in Lake George. A flat tire changes the course of their live in a dramatic way.)
  • Life of the Party: by Joe1
    (Synopsis: A guy is blackmailed by a coworker and agrees to do anything she wants and what she wants is more than he bargained for.)
  • The Hostage: by Lady Blade
    (Synopsis: Convicted Felon Gage Weston finds himself in more trouble than even he bargained for when he takes a Hostage after his escape from Jail. Sentenced to life in prison he thought he had nothing to lose. He soon finds out how wrong his thinking is....)
  • The Mansion: by Lady Blade
    (Synopsis: A Slave Training Center where family traditions don't come without a price.)
  • Grace's Hard Lessons: by Dark Avenger
    (Synopsis: A young office executive steals from her company and is discovered by a male co-worker who uses this to blackmail her. He humiliates and uses her in the office, tricks her into signing up for a compromising photography shoot, and arranges for her to be subjected to more and more humiliating situations and acts of submission.)
  • Summer in Paradise: by Fox
    (Synopsis: A holiday at an island paradise, the man of her dreams, what more could a girl want from life? This fantasy could be real ...)
  • DEVASTATION: by drkfetyshnyghts
    (Synopsis: A story of abject subjugation and extreme fetishism chillingly described through the eyes of the sadistic lesbian Dr Sabirah Najwa, a clinical and behavioral psychologist. Also, in part told through the eyes of the victim.... the attractive, statuesque City high-flyer Petra. A single mother with a 'perfect' life, plucked from her normal, privileged world. Her sexuality exploited, twisted, enhanced and used to ensure her trip down into the Vortex is one-way only.)


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