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Book Project


Collected by sacwildnwilling

young and gay (4 stories listed)
inc. dale 10

  • Biker Bar Gangbang: by Regnar Reklaw
    (Synopsis: Willie and Tad go into the Biker Bar Tavern looking for help and find nothing but trouble. Wolf and his gang see the two high school seniors as easy prey. The sweaty gang use and abuse the two young men in an all night orgy of torture and rape.)
  • Will: Pony Boy in China: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: Will and John are abducted while on business in China. Their new master turns Will into a pony boy in the most brutal manner. John is turned into a sissy-slave in an equally brutal manner.)
  • Alan and Me!: by dale10
    (Synopsis: I take in a gay teen to live with me, and begin his training.)
  • Adam: by dale10
    (Synopsis: A kid is slowly broken and trained to be a fuck slut .)

Young and bi, extreme (2 stories listed)
pushing the edge sometimes

young and gay (1 stories listed)
inc. dale 10

Bi (1 stories listed)
mostly doms both male and female with male sub

Straight, young (1 stories listed)
inc. Dale 10


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