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Book Project


Collected by Panther007

Nasty but fun. (35 stories listed)

Family Affair (25 stories listed)

  • Trained slut: by Mike thomson
    (Synopsis: Bob\'s family life changes dramatically when his buddy offers to train his unsuspecting daughter to be a slut)
  • Brazilian Torture Ranch: by Shabbadew2002
    (Synopsis: On vacation a man discovers his daughter’s true nature when they’re abducted.)
  • The Subjection of Mom and Sis: by R.B. Thibo
    (Synopsis: Three outcast teenage boys spend a lot of there time wanking off to the fantasies of bondage videos. That is until one weekend when they lose all interest in the video fantasies…)
  • Tammie's Training: by J.
    (Synopsis: A young woman and her mother are enslaved, modified, and sold.)
  • Coming of Age: by Terri Madison
    (Synopsis: The girls in the Martin family undergo a very special ritual among the town members when they reach womanhood...)
  • Supermodel Bridgette's Enslavement: by MrBondskin
    (Synopsis: A young catwalk model is kidnapped and enslaved by her older jealous sister. The vengeful sister sets no limit on the extreme tortures that follow.)
  • Taming Billy: by Jethro Jodhpur
    (Synopsis: Billy's mom seeks her mother's help in bringing her oversexed son under control. Things get a bit complicated when a few of Billy's teachers black mail his mom into letting them join in the fun. All's well that ends well despite more than a few bumps in the road to family togetherness.)
  • Growing Up Insane: by Jethro Jodhpur
    (Synopsis: The world as seen through the jaded eyes of a young whore. This little trickster has seen it all and then some. Join her and the rest of the ladies in the family as they take it as it cums. )
  • The Wedding from Hell: by Ted E. Bear
    (Synopsis: A woman's wedding day is supposed to be the most wonderful day of her life, a day that she'll always remember. In this story, the bride's wedding day was anything but the most wonderful day of her life, but certainly one that she would never forget. An old girlfriend of the grooms, was out for revenge, over the brides stealing her boyfriend, even though she hadn't even met him at the time that they broke up. She and her gang turn the wedding party into one big orgy, as they take the bride inside to change her attire into something very slutty and force the groom, their families and ALL of the guests to remove their clothing. The bride is brought back out, in a cupless bra that holds her huge tits up, making them really stick out, and her areolas have been tied with strings at their bases to make them stay erect. While she was getting prepared the gang has paired up all of the guests, where possible incestuously, father/daughter, mother/son, uncle/niece etc. They then have the groom pop the brides cherry while the other guests are fucking as well. The bride eventually has to service with all 3 of her orifices all of the men of both her family as well as the grooms. This is a short, very erotic story.)
  • Family Ties: by dreamster
    (Synopsis: This story will chart the gradual but inexorable total corruption of a relatively 'normal family'from early sexual experimentation to ultimate degradation and destruction via an ever increasing level of perversions.)
  • Ave Maria Isles: by Harry Berg
    (Synopsis: Bill and Emily Clausen, bouth devoutly religious, seek a more family friendly environment to rear their three teenagers. Bill, now financially independent, agrees to move his brood across country away from the sex and drugs of Silicon Valley to a secure gated facility near Orlando. Ave Maria Isles promotes itself as a porn free, faith centered community designed to appeal to the observant Roman Catholic. But matters are not what they seem. Bill's well intentioned desire to become a scholastic wrestling coach brings the Clausens in contact with Ed and Nora Pryor and their teens. From there, Bill descends into a world of orgiastic sex, BDSM, incest, and the just plain bizarre. )
  • Donnie\'s Bitch: by Amanda Collsen
    (Synopsis: Hypocritial mother gets a taste karma)
  • Paula and her Mother-in-Law: by Ross Martin
    (Synopsis: Paula meets her mother-in-law and other female relatives and is tortured most harshly over a period of one night.)
  • Honeymoon Squared: by Jethro Jodhpur
    (Synopsis: Mom steps in for her frigid daughter on the honeymoon in order to save the marriage. This in turn leads to a series of revelations that show mother and daughter share equal responsibility for the situation.)
  • Families Compete: by Chum
    (Synopsis: Two couples with varying levels of experience, both with teenage daughters, sign up to compete for one available membership in a bdsm club. One daughter knows what she wants, the other has no clue what awaits at the club's tropical resort.)
  • From Society Girl To Slave: by Anonymous
    (Synopsis: A young, wealthy society girl who finds herself in the care of a harsh, cruel uncle after her parents die. She is transformed from a confident young woamn, into a mere servant/slave by a strong female dominant the uncle hires in order to swindle the young girl out of her inheritance. The girl is abused and humiliated until she finally is broken, and becomes the docile serving girl/slave they want her to be.)
  • Megan's Question: by JK
    (Synopsis: A father, mother and daughter lives the BDSM lifestyle. Training the daughter to be a sex slave like her beautifu; mother.)
  • Jennifer's New Family: by crystelia
    (Synopsis: Jennifer's new step father and step brothers take a very active and brutal interest in her, then turn their attentions to her mother as well!)
  • Point of View: by Ted E. Bear
    (Synopsis: A radical anti-abortionist preacher, his wife and daughter, are kidnaped by a radical pro-life group. Since the preacher has backed extreme measures, including the shooting & killing of abortion clinic doctors & other personal, and is even openly preaching that women, no matter what, including rape and incest, should go through the entire 9 months of gestation, the pro-life group is going to show the Smith family just how wrong it is. The preacher is forced to fuck his daughter many times a day, as well as sexually abusing her in other ways, in order for them to realize what these young girls have gone through, and then to force them to carry the baby all the way to delivery. The wife, is repeatedly gang raped & tortured, for the same reason by men of another race, until she too is pregnant. Mother and daughter are kept at the facility, until it's too late to get abortions. 3 parter, long, excellent!)
  • Schoolgirl Sisters: by Peter de Sade
    (Synopsis: Two teenage twin sisters are sent by their father to a very strict boarding school, the Convent of the Perpetual Succour, to receive the discipline that he thought his young daughters deserved. The delightful sisters, Debbee and Melanie, soon undergo some very demanding training in this special school for young wayward girls.)
  • Mom's Mistake: by Jethro Jodhpur
    (Synopsis: His mom's unquenchable need for sex and pain is getting in the way of progress so her teenage son and his girlfriend solve the problem by renting mom's body to the local sex maniacs and sadists; a win-win for all concerned provided mom can keep up with the customer demand for her unique services.)
  • Lesbian Sex Slave Mother: by Stacy Simmons
    (Synopsis: This is the story of a sex obsessed mother of two who becomes a willing sex slave to her own daughters, her three nieces, and her next door neighbor, and she loves every minute of it.)
  • My Daughter Slave: by Oak
    (Synopsis: Charlene is a very temperamental teenager, who forces her petite and meek mother to become her slave.)
  • Mary the Teenaged Slut: by Cerberus
    (Synopsis: Young Mary is forced by her parents to be the biggest slut in her high school.)
  • Learning: by Thndrshark
    (Synopsis: A young girl, eager to experience true submission, signs on for more than even she can imagine when her boyfriend tests her limits and beyond.)

Couples Caught (12 stories listed)

Enslaved Wife (19 stories listed)

Blackmail (6 stories listed)

Parody (7 stories listed)

Teacher's Pet (8 stories listed)

It's Just a Job (15 stories listed)

Lesbian Slave (17 stories listed)

Latex Slaves (12 stories listed)

Mind Control (4 stories listed)

Bad Cops (1 stories listed)


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