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Collected by Rocky

My shelf (225 stories listed)

Post-Feminist Society (12 stories listed)

  • Born with a cunt: An apology for being female: by Worthlessfem
    (Synopsis: This story is the autobiography of a woman who has grown up in a post-feminist family and was young enough to see and understand the change of attitudes, behaviour and so on that followed from it.)
  • The Life of Riley: by Worthless fem
    (Synopsis: Describes the life of a formerly "liberated" woman in a post-feminist society, at work and in the home.)
  • Family Life: by Mad Dog
    (Synopsis: This is a sequel to story "The Mansion". In that story, society changed to make women possessions that are owned by men. Here let's take a look of the life of these families.)
  • The Contest: by Fielding J. Melish
    (Synopsis: In a New World Order of make dominance, an over the hill office girl tries to improve her lot in life by winning a Hot Legs Contest that will land her a new position.)
  • A More Stable Society: by cubedlawn
    (Synopsis: A future society where women know their proper place is at a man's feet, obedient and worshipful.)
  • A 'Routine' Enslavement: by Falcon
    (Synopsis: This is a fantasy of a future society featuring indentured servitude and legalized slavery. It is a story of two individuals a man who has devoted his life to the business of enslaving insolvent female debtors, and a young professional woman who struggles to avoid becoming his next victim. )
  • Every Day Life: by Mad Dog
    (Synopsis: This story is set in a future where women have lost all rights and are considered possessions of men.)
  • Another Day In The Life: by Georg Kinaski
    (Synopsis: Interviews are held and a new PA is chosen.)
  • Work Home Balance: by Georg Kinaski
    (Synopsis: In the post-feminist future, how does a secretary straddle the demands of her job, while at the same time satisfying her wifely duties at home? (posted with permission of RedHead (the author) by Georg Kinaski, Editor/PA Magazine))
  • A Day In The Life: by Georg Kinaski
    (Synopsis: Being a single working girl in the post-feminist era isn't easy-- just ask Claire.)
  • Anna's Date: by fellatrix
    (Synopsis: In a future where women are required to be subservient and wear chastity belts, Anna is sent out on a date with a friend of her father's.)
  • The Female Manifesto: by Carnivale Ed
    (Synopsis: A young woman learns her first lessons in a society that has recently embraced male domination.)

My Writings (14 stories listed)
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