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Collected by dilson

Cuckold (2 stories listed)

A1-scat (9 stories listed)

  • Mistress and John : by dilson
    (Synopsis: John meets his Mistress for the first time. Mistress proceeds to abuse and degrade him much the same as she does her cuckold husband. John asks Mistress for a special privilege and she treats him to it.)
  • Toilet Training: by Italian Sadist
    (Synopsis: From the diary of Slavegirl Anna: how she was used as a toilet girl by her masters and mistresses.)
  • Women's Meeting: by dilson
    (Synopsis: Submissive husband has a plan to surprise his wife with a S/M scene. He soon finds his plans results in more surprises than he bargained for.)
  • Human Toilet Fantasy: by Jim aaa
    (Synopsis: He only hoped that his fantasy could come true some day)
  • A Toilet Slave Despite Herself: by Brenda
    (Synopsis: Brenda hated and feared Thelma but that hatred made her want the cruel woman more than she ever wanted anyone.)
  • Teacher's Shit Boy: by asslover
    (Synopsis: Story about a high school student who becomes his teacher's shit slave.)
  • Evaluation of a Toilet Slave: by slave matt425
    (Synopsis: )
  • Owned Toilet Slave: by slave matt425
    (Synopsis: a slave begins his new life as a fully owned toilet. This is a sequel to “Evaluation of a Toilet Slave”. For a background of the following story, the reader is encouraged to read “Evaluation” first)
  • The “unwilling” Toilet Slave: by Mitzi Forbes
    (Synopsis: After searching for years Mistress happens to find opportunity to blackmail a potential toilet slave and what a filthy find she turns out to be!)


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