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Collected by timetrax

Torture (2 stories listed)
Tales of extreme torture

Links (3 stories listed)
Stories with good links

Convent Training (2 stories listed)
Stories with a religious theme

Medical (11 stories listed)
Medical Procedures, Modification

To Be Read (23 stories listed)
Stories tagged to be read later

  • Niece's Weekly Punishment Sessions: by Powerone
    (Synopsis: In keeping with tradition, Melissa must submit to weekly punishment sessions with her Uncle, just like her mother had done when she was young.)
    Comment: In keeping with tradition, Melissa must submit to weekly punishment sessions with her Uncle, just like her mother had done when she was young.
  • From Society Girl To Slave: by Anonymous
    (Synopsis: A young, wealthy society girl who finds herself in the care of a harsh, cruel uncle after her parents die. She is transformed from a confident young woamn, into a mere servant/slave by a strong female dominant the uncle hires in order to swindle the young girl out of her inheritance. The girl is abused and humiliated until she finally is broken, and becomes the docile serving girl/slave they want her to be.)
    Comment: Mabel stays at her Uncle's, and finds herself under the care of a cruel Governess
  • Killenkoff Institute: by dale10
    (Synopsis: Sherry is sent to a new school, where she learns how to please men and boys. Her education is brutal and humiliating)
    Comment: Sherry's new school is a big shock, but she will have to get used to it
  • To Obey: by Fire-Bird
    (Synopsis: Naughty and spoiled girls were sent to the training school to be trained to obedient slaves.)
    Comment: Naughty and spoiled girls were sent to the training school to be trained to obedient slaves.
  • Rachel: by Bluebuck
    (Synopsis: Young man discovers he has a step mother who expects him to discipline her daughter.)
    Comment: Well trained step-sister
  • A Contest: by Surtea
    (Synopsis: A rather humiliating beauty contest...)
    Comment: I love Farrel stories
  • The Electric Crab: by Cortez
    (Synopsis: In a South American Republic, Colonel Marcos and his assistant, Anna Perez, interrogtate a young woman unfortunate enough to have fallen foul of the Junta.)
    Comment: Electric torture series
  • Schoolgirl Sisters: by Peter de Sade
    (Synopsis: Two teenage twin sisters are sent by their father to a very strict boarding school, the Convent of the Perpetual Succour, to receive the discipline that he thought his young daughters deserved. The delightful sisters, Debbee and Melanie, soon undergo some very demanding training in this special school for young wayward girls.)
    Comment: School girls in a strict convent
  • Jennifer's New Family: by crystelia
    (Synopsis: Jennifer's new step father and step brothers take a very active and brutal interest in her, then turn their attentions to her mother as well!)
    Comment: Jennifer's new step father and step brothers take a very active interest in her
  • Marigold's Academy: by Cougar
    (Synopsis: Marigold's Academy for Wayward Girls is a school like no other. OStensibly establised to provide a strong moral education for girls whose behaviour was found wanting, in reality it was a haven for powerful and perverted teachers to satisfy their own lust and indulge that of their rich and influential friends. Far from being deficient themselves, many of the girls were there as part of the settling of scores or debts of their families. The various aspects of school life are examined through the eyes of individual girls, each of whom has her own chapter.)
    Comment: Interesting school where girls have no rights
  • Helen's Ordeal: by Hooked6
    (Synopsis: At 16, Helen believes she is too old for corporal punishment, something she hasn't experienced since she was a child, but her mother has other ideas and enlists her brother and Helen's best friend, alice, to lend a hand. Things tend to spiral out of control as her pubishments become very public and very humiliating.)
    Comment: Beautiful humiliation by her Mom
  • Chastity: by TheVariableX
    (Synopsis: A girl is locked in a chastity belt day and night by her father.)
    Comment: Properly cared for by her family
  • The Minds of the First Form Mums: by E. E. Norcod
    (Synopsis: Four First Form Mums and their daughters get ready to enter St. Margaret's School under the watchful eyes and guidance of Drs O'Brien, Ritchie, Waters and neophyte teacher Maggie Fletcher. )
    Comment: Young schoolgirls and mind control - superb
  • Victoria and the Chastity-Guard MK III: by G Master
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: SciFi and stretching - what could be better
  • Bred By My Secretary: by Jackpot
    (Synopsis: A lawyer hires a temp who has a hidden agenda.)
    Comment: Nice mind control
  • Anna's Affliction: by Abe
    (Synopsis: An orphan is afflicted with an oversize clitoris and the habit of maturbating. Her sadistic guardians torture her in a vain attempt to prevent her frequent orgasms. Later, she she learns to profit from the sadistic impulses of others.)
    Comment: Nice Victorian setting
  • Ana and her Father: by Ms. Which
    (Synopsis: After her mother passed away, Ana was sent to live with his father, whom she had never seen before. Soon she found out all the rumors about his father's extreme sexual life were true.)
    Comment: Looks like fun with her new Daddy
  • The Kim Chandler Prison for Women: by The Bitchfinder General
    (Synopsis: A story set in a dark post-feminist future where a woman who suffered for some years gains power and takes revenge upon her own sex. She runs, among other things, a cruel and brutal prison for women.)
    Comment: The first page looks really good
  • Psych Hospital: Divorce Wars: by Llabmik
    (Synopsis: Lovely Lisa tries to divorce her rich husband and scoop a giant chunk of his fortune. She checks into a psychiatric hospital to hide out while the divorce is served. Hubby is connected and arrangeds for some very special treatment for her. Any female who gets in the way is ruthlessly dealt with in the Psychiatric Hospital where everybody loves to hear a pretty female scream.)
    Comment: Trapped in a Psych hospital
  • Janet: by Allene Blake
    (Synopsis: Janet is left by her husband and soon becomes desperate for money to support herself and daughter. She accepts a job from a man who insists that she accept corporal punishment She is led to greater punishments and allows her daughter to be punished as well.)
    Comment: I love the relationship she has with her daughter
  • My Daughter Slave: by Oak
    (Synopsis: Charlene is a very temperamental teenager, who forces her petite and meek mother to become her slave.)
    Comment: What a lovely way to treat Mom
  • Reluctant Rebecca : by Xspy4u
    (Synopsis: Young and innocent Rebecca is manipulated into a series of lesbian experience by groups of women)
    Comment: I love the way Rebecca is being brought along
  • Lisa Got More Than She Asked For: by emmaadmirer
    (Synopsis: 2 young teenagers make 28 year old Lisa into their plaything.)
    Comment: Looks an interesting Lisa adventure

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