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Collected by Evil_Master_Bjorn

Evil (15 stories listed)
The best at putting women in their place.

  • Planet Mansrulia: by Master Bjorn
    (Synopsis: Welcome to Planet Mansrulia, a world in which cruel Masters rule over vast throngs of lowly females, using them for pleasure, breeding, and milking.)
  • Breeding Season: by curtainsup
    (Synopsis: Jasper gets a new bitch and knots her tight pussy.)
  • Daddy and His Girl Cows: by Sysyfys
    (Synopsis: Dominant man and his alpha submissive own and use young women as human cows/pets.)
  • Rabbit Island: by Aurelius
    (Synopsis: Beautiful young women are kidnapped and brought to Rabbit Island to satisfy the sporting and sexual appetites of its rich and kinky clientele. Jessica's competitive nature is revealed when she and the other 'beach bunnies' are obliged to participate in some very unusual sports. But life is not all bad for our heroines/victims despite their ever-present handcuffs and other torments.)
  • Cowgirls: by ditzylilgirl
    (Synopsis: Hard times fall on Margaret's family, so her father is forced to sell her as a maid to a stranger passing through town. Unfortunately, for her, the man who buys her has other plans.)
  • Day In The Life Of A Pet Owner: by Master S
    (Synopsis: A snap shot of a day in the life of human pet owner. )
  • For the Birds: by Miss Suki
    (Synopsis: A slave girl is used up, broken, and fed to the birds.)
  • Female: by nom
    (Synopsis: Men rule. Life in such a world, through the eyes of a female)
  • Nothing: by nom
    (Synopsis: A cunt finds the answers to all her questions.)
  • Fiona is Auctioned Off: by surrenderthepink
    (Synopsis: Fiona, at 14, must persude her father to sign her Affidavit of Virginity; and update her dossier to explain why she got a bare bottom spanking for breaking Mr. Harrington\'s nose.)
  • Milking Factory: by T Bone Steak
    (Synopsis: The year is 2025, real cows are extinct. Women, have to replace them because we need the milk. Women are treated like cows.)
  • Gables Academy: by Jack Harlequin
    (Synopsis: This is the third story I have submitted under this name. It is the second set in the genre of the "New Republic", a place that dominant men very much enjoy. Please remeber that "it is just a fantasy".)
  • Black Pimps Sex Slaves: by Maria Proco
    (Synopsis: White females are captured by slavers and sold to the black pimps to serve 7 on 7 in their many brothels.)
  • Slaves-r-Us: by pippin1986
    (Synopsis: Jennifer, a bitchy lawyer, is subjected to new laws, reducing all women to slaves. )
    Comment: Excellent
  • The proper treatment of slaves: by pippin1986
    (Synopsis: With new laws passed, male students must be taught the proper way to treat females, all of whom have been reclassified as slaves )
    Comment: Awesome story


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