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AfroerotiK (This page has been viewed 38068 times since Jul 30, 2005)
(Author: if you want to add/change/update any information below, please email me)

Author's Words:
I am a writer of Ebony and Interracial erotica who shatters the common, stereotypical and derogatory perpetuations of Black sexuality. The time of showing Black men as barely-literate bucks and black women as ghetto whores is gone. Black erotica is more than stories of rappers and athletes flaunting material wealth and black women exchanging sex for goods and services. So much of what is written about Black sexuality is not written from an authentic perspective. The rest of Ebony erotica is written for a market that is so starved for anything that dismal erotica passes as quality because there is a dearth of options available. I work diligently to show Black characters that are multi-dimensional, complex, sexual human beings and I focus on character development. The sex in my erotica, intense and hardcore, serves as a backdrop to a compelling story and socially relevant topics. I have been able to tap into the growing and rarely-discussed trend of white submission and interracial and Ebony fascination in general to construct intricate tales of love and lust within a well-constructed literary body of work.
Author's Homepage:
Send Author Email: afroerotik (at) gmail (dot) com

Total 7 Stories by AfroerotiK

#1 Broken by AfroerotiK (37 kb) 0 votes! (0/10, 0 votes) (review it)
  (Added on Dec 17, 2009) (This month 3922 readers) (Total 6971 readers)
  Story Codes:
#2 Black Daddy Domination by AfroerotiK (55 kb) 1 votes! (10/10, 1 votes) (review it)
  (Added on Sep 20, 2008) (This month 9648 readers) (Total 26820 readers)
  Story Codes: M/m interracial size WaterSport D/s reluctant humiliation Heavy Hardcore
#3 Black Beat by AfroerotiK (20 kb) 3 votes! (8.5/10, 3 votes) (review it)
  (Added on May 18, 2008) (This month 2521 readers) (Total 15648 readers)
  Story Codes: F+/m cbt interracial spanking toys D/s B/D S/M BDSM real consensual humiliation Heavy
#4 The Making of a White Sissy Slut by AfroerotiK (21 kb) 1 votes! (9/10, 1 votes) (review it)
  (Added on May 15, 2008) (This month 11779 readers) (Total 28043 readers)
  Story Codes: M+/m exhibition interracial modification transgender WaterSport D/s lingerie chastity belt consensual humiliation Extreme Heavy Hardcore
#5 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by AfroerotiK (10 kb) 1 votes! (7/10, 1 votes) (review it)
  (Added on Feb 3, 2006) (This month 1712 readers) (Total 8484 readers)
  Story Codes: F+/m exhibition interracial toys transgender D/s real consensual humiliation Light
#6 Goddess Initiation by AfroerotiK (21 kb) 3 votes! (8/10, 3 votes) (review it)
  (Added on Jul 30, 2005) (This month 2092 readers) (Total 10590 readers)
  Story Codes: MF/m interracial voyeurism D/s real consensual humiliation Hardcore
#7 Dominant Black Tales and Submissive White Tails by AfroerotiK (65 kb) 3 votes! (10/10, 3 votes) (review it)
  (Added on Jul 30, 2005) (This month 9320 readers) (Total 38630 readers)
  Story Codes: MF/m interracial D/s real reluctant humiliation Hardcore

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