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Collected by TS-Stella

Trans (3 stories listed)

Femdom (5 stories listed)

Sissy (18 stories listed)

  • From young man to boi to bitch to object: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: A young man gets turned into a bitch boi by a brutal man and from there he becomes ever more the fenminized object)
  • Even Cowgyrls Get The Blues!: by TJ Ryder
    (Synopsis: future New Africa story where orphan white boys are forced to choose citizenship paths as either servants or livestock. Transgender, breast milk, interracial dominance, gay)
  • A Sissy Is Born: by Donnainlace
    (Synopsis: Boy meets girl, and is immediately taken by her. She dominates him and embarrrasses him in front of her girlfriends, eventually sissifying him and feminizing him. Girl teaches boy about a woman's life and introduces him to anal play. They eventually marry as two brides.)
  • Master's Sissy Baby Boi: by Verna Benson
    (Synopsis: A man enslaves another man into a baby slave to live along with his other male (bizarre) slaves in his personal fetish kingdom.)
  • Shopping In Bizzare Store: by sissyslave99
    (Synopsis: male sissyfied and in public humiliated and punished.)
  • Delilah's Slave: by vynter
    (Synopsis: A sissy maid gets teased and humiliated.)
  • The story of sissyslave gunnarsub: by gunnarsub
    (Synopsis: I am not gay but a straight male slave who dreams getting forced to do things which I never would be prepared to do under normal circumstances. But what started as on-line training and humiliation as sissy by a professional Mistress turned into real slavery in the beginning by a gay couple, then later on by MISTRESS Natascha, MASTER Michail, and their friends. They all share great pleasure in exposing and compromsing me more and more as slave and slut. Being sadistic by nature they do their utmost to humiliate me not only in privacy but also in front of others, they force me into crossdressing and becoming a slut for males and females, and into much more.)
  • Daddies Princess Pie: by gorgeous
    (Synopsis: Jordan is a young teenage boy who is the property of daddy. He is a little sissy girl who's aim is to act like the perfect little housewife for her master. Daddy is kind but dont be decieved by his loving charm, if Jrdan is a naughty little girl daddy will show her punishment.)
  • Working at Club U: by Sir_Bor
    (Synopsis: A cuckold sissy husband is sent to work and serve at a Femdom Club by his dominant wife and her live in lover. )
  • Sissy Slut: by yogitha
    (Synopsis: A Mistress trains a slave to be Her Sissy Slut.)
  • 2nn: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: Pete marries an evil bitch who turns him into a brutally controlled sissy-slave. No matter what happens, its always for the worse.)
  • The Torment of Sissy Slut Tinkerbell: by Tinkerbell
    (Synopsis: A boy is kidnapped, tormented, and humiliated as he is forced to spend the rest of his life as a sissy girl slave for an older man.)
  • Pussy Whipped Sissy Slut: by rolf palsy
    (Synopsis: Can a 22 year old pussy whipped sissy slut raised by his domineering mother and gay uncle find happiness with a 15 year old dominatrix in the making who has some personal baggage of her own? Where there\'s a whip there\'s a way, you can bet on it!)
  • The Making of a White Sissy Slut: by AfroerotiK
    (Synopsis: A white boy is transformed into a sexy, desirable, cross-dressing, sissy, and insatiable, cum-crazed whore for black cock. )
  • Letter from Augusta: by Shoeblossom
    (Synopsis: Shannon whips her chastity-belted son\'s bare bottom if she can beat him at Ping-Pong...but if he beats her, it can be worse!slave husband, dominant wife, dominatrix, chastity belt, teasing and denial, cbt, heel worship, strap-on, pegging, whippings, beatings, spankings, pain, transvestism, sissy, wimp, bitch, bdsm, bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism, foot worship, forced bi)
  • Date Night.: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: The sissy slave Kimmie has a date with her brutal Master and recalls her 25 years of chastity and slavery, before being subjected to a night of torture)
  • Permanent Stay in Mastersville: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: Tom enters the town of Mastersville where he is promptly caught and enslaved. A cruel Mistress turns him into a completely submissive sissy slave, shares him with the whole town before finally selling him to a master with rather drastic ideas about how sissy-slaves should look and behave.)
  • Debbie: by 2nn
    (Synopsis: John gets caught by his aunt and turned into a sissy slave. And everybody seems to want to dominate the new slavegirl.)

PonyPlay (7 stories listed)


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